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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Gustavoboystaff of the godsItalian0Log In to Vote
52Gustoboyvigorous enjoymentItalian0Log In to Vote
53NekboyItalian0Log In to Vote
54Neroliboyorange blossomItalian0Log In to Vote
55NinoboyGod is graciousItalian0Log In to Vote
56Pancrazioboysupreme ruler, all powerfulItalian0Log In to Vote
57Primoboyfirst oneItalian0Log In to Vote
58Raffaelloboybasis for the name RaphaelItalian1Log In to Vote
59Raimondoboyform of RaymondItalian1Log In to Vote
60Rinaldoboyform of ReynaldItalian1Log In to Vote
61RoccoboyrestItalian0Log In to Vote
62Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian7Log In to Vote
63Romeoboypilgrim to RomeItalian1Log In to Vote
64Santoboya saintItalian1Log In to Vote
65Taddeoboycourageous, one who praisesItalian0Log In to Vote
66Tancredoboyof thoughtful counselItalian0Log In to Vote
67Ubertoboyform of HubertItalian0Log In to Vote
68UgoboyBright in mind and spiritItalian0Log In to Vote
69Zanebonoboythe good oneItalian0Log In to Vote
70Zanipoloboylittle gift of GodItalian0Log In to Vote
71AdamoboyItalian2Log In to Vote
72MatteoboyItalian1Log In to Vote
73GiacobbeboyItalian0Log In to Vote
74Noemigirlform of NaomiItalian0Log In to Vote
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