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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1MiagirlmineItalian24Log In to Vote
2Addisyngirlvariant spelling of AddisonItalian13Log In to Vote
3Siennagirlreddish brownItalian10Log In to Vote
4DanteboylastingItalian7Log In to Vote
5Romanboya citizen of RomeItalian7Log In to Vote
6BiancagirlwhiteItalian6Log In to Vote
7Arabellagirlbeautiful alterItalian5Log In to Vote
8Alessandragirlhelper of mankindItalian5Log In to Vote
9RosaliegirlroseItalian4Log In to Vote
10Capricegirlfanciful, unpredictableItalian4Log In to Vote
11DracoboydragonItalian4Log In to Vote
12Belladonnagirlbeautiful womanItalian3Log In to Vote
13Zolagirlball of earthItalian3Log In to Vote
14EnzoboywinnerItalian2Log In to Vote
15Giovanniboyform of JohnItalian2Log In to Vote
16TessagirlcountessItalian2Log In to Vote
17Carlottagirlform of CharlotteItalian2Log In to Vote
18AdamoboyItalian2Log In to Vote
19BambigirlchildItalian2Log In to Vote
20AngelinagirlItalian1Log In to Vote
21Raffaelloboybasis for the name RaphaelItalian1Log In to Vote
22Andriagirllove, joyItalian1Log In to Vote
23Venetiagirlfrom VeniceItalian1Log In to Vote
24Raimondoboyform of RaymondItalian1Log In to Vote
25Rinaldoboyform of ReynaldItalian1Log In to Vote
26Alfonsoboyeager, nobleItalian1Log In to Vote
27FarfallagirlbutterflyItalian1Log In to Vote
28FiorenzagirlflowerItalian1Log In to Vote
29Gianinagirlgod is graciousItalian1Log In to Vote
30Santoboya saintItalian1Log In to Vote
31MatteoboyItalian1Log In to Vote
32Pancrazioboysupreme ruler, all powerfulItalian0Log In to Vote
33NinoboyGod is graciousItalian0Log In to Vote
34Taddeoboycourageous, one who praisesItalian0Log In to Vote
35Neroliboyorange blossomItalian0Log In to Vote
36NekboyItalian0Log In to Vote
37Gustoboyvigorous enjoymentItalian0Log In to Vote
38Gustavoboystaff of the godsItalian0Log In to Vote
39Gualtierboyform of WalterItalian0Log In to Vote
40GiacobbeboyItalian0Log In to Vote
41Zanipoloboylittle gift of GodItalian0Log In to Vote
42Primoboyfirst oneItalian0Log In to Vote
43UgoboyBright in mind and spiritItalian0Log In to Vote
44Ubertoboyform of HubertItalian0Log In to Vote
45Tancredoboyof thoughtful counselItalian0Log In to Vote
46Zanebonoboythe good oneItalian0Log In to Vote
47RoccoboyrestItalian0Log In to Vote
48Romeoboypilgrim to RomeItalian0Log In to Vote
49Noemigirlform of NaomiItalian0Log In to Vote
50GinoboyimmortalItalian0Log In to Vote
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