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51GinoboyimmortalItalian0Log In to Vote
52Romanagirlfrom RomeItalian0Log In to Vote
53QuorragirlheartItalian0Log In to Vote
54Primagirlfirst oneItalian0Log In to Vote
55PiagirldevoutItalian0Log In to Vote
56Neroligirlorange blossomItalian0Log In to Vote
57GiacintagirlhyacinthItalian0Log In to Vote
58Estagirlfrom the eastItalian0Log In to Vote
59DonnagirlladyItalian0Log In to Vote
60Donatagirlgift from GodItalian0Log In to Vote
61Delannagirlsoft as woolItalian0Log In to Vote
62RosaliagirlmelodyItalian0Log In to Vote
63Sidoniagirlfrom SidoniaItalian0Log In to Vote
64Giacomoboythe supplanterItalian0Log In to Vote
65GeppettoboyItalian0Log In to Vote
66Gambitboysetting a trapItalian0Log In to Vote
67FranciscoboyfreeItalian0Log In to Vote
68ElmoboyproctectorItalian0Log In to Vote
69Edoardoboyform of EdwardItalian0Log In to Vote
70Bonagirla builderItalian0Log In to Vote
71VenitiagirlmercyItalian0Log In to Vote
72VaranesegirlItalian0Log In to Vote
73Trilbygirlone who sings musical thrillsItalian0Log In to Vote
74Aldagirllong livedItalian0Log In to Vote
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