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101YeigirlflourishingJapanese0Log In to Vote
102YokogirlpositiveJapanese1Log In to Vote
103Yoshikogirlchild of YoshiJapanese0Log In to Vote
104Yukakogirlchild of YukaJapanese0Log In to Vote
105Yukikogirlchild of YukiJapanese0Log In to Vote
106Yumakogirlchild of YumaJapanese0Log In to Vote
107YumigirlbeautyJapanese1Log In to Vote
108Yumikogirlchild of YumiJapanese0Log In to Vote
109YurigirllilyJapanese3Log In to Vote
110Yurikogirlchild of YuriJapanese0Log In to Vote
111Yutsukogirlchild of YutsoJapanese0Log In to Vote
112Banzaiboy10,000 years of lifeJapanese0Log In to Vote
113BotanboypeonyJapanese0Log In to Vote
114FujitaboyfieldJapanese1Log In to Vote
115Haruboyborn in the springJapanese0Log In to Vote
116HiroshiboygenerousJapanese0Log In to Vote
117HoshiboystarJapanese0Log In to Vote
118Jiroboysecond maleJapanese0Log In to Vote
119Kanayeboyzealous oneJapanese0Log In to Vote
120Kentaroboybig boyJapanese0Log In to Vote
121KinboygoldenJapanese0Log In to Vote
122Kishoboyone who knows his own mindJapanese0Log In to Vote
123KiyoshiboyquietJapanese0Log In to Vote
124MamoruboyearthJapanese1Log In to Vote
125Masakazuboyfirst son of MasaJapanese0Log In to Vote
126Raidonboythunder GodJapanese1Log In to Vote
127Ringoboyapple, peace be with youJapanese0Log In to Vote
128RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Log In to Vote
129Ryoichiboyfirst son of RyoJapanese0Log In to Vote
130Ryozoboythird son of RyoJapanese0Log In to Vote
131Ryuichiboyfirst son of RyuJapanese0Log In to Vote
132Seiichiboyfirst son of SeiJapanese0Log In to Vote
133Senichiboyfirst son of SenJapanese0Log In to Vote
134Shigekazuboyfirst son of ShigeJapanese0Log In to Vote
135Shinichiboyfirst son of ShinJapanese0Log In to Vote
136Shoichiboyfirst son of ShoJapanese0Log In to Vote
137Shuichiboyfirst son of ShuJapanese0Log In to Vote
138Shunichiboyfirst son of ShunJapanese0Log In to Vote
139TakaiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
140TakuboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
141Taroboyfirst-born maleJapanese0Log In to Vote
142Tomoboya twinJapanese0Log In to Vote
143ToyoboyplentifulJapanese0Log In to Vote
144Yasashikuboygentle, politeJapanese0Log In to Vote
145Yasuoboypeaceful oneJapanese0Log In to Vote
146Yogiboyone of the yoga practiceJapanese0Log In to Vote
147Yoshiboybetter, bestJapanese0Log In to Vote
148YoshifumiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
149YoshimitsuboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
150YoshiyukiboyJapanese0Log In to Vote
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