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201Crystalgirlclear, bright, iceLatin3Log In to Vote
202Curtboyshort or littleLatin0Log In to Vote
203Curtisboycourt, courteousLatin2Log In to Vote
204CytheriagirlVenusLatin1Log In to Vote
205Dabriagirlname of an angelLatin0Log In to Vote
206Daciagirlfrom daciaLatin0Log In to Vote
207Daisygirlday's eye, flower nameLatin3Log In to Vote
208DayanaragirlLatin0Log In to Vote
209DeagirlGoddess of LoveLatin1Log In to Vote
210Deanboypresiding official, valleyLatin6Log In to Vote
211Deannagirlpresiding official, valleyLatin0Log In to Vote
212Deliciagirldelightful oneLatin1Log In to Vote
213Desiboynickname for the name DesmondLatin0Log In to Vote
214Desiderioboyso long hoped for, crave, desireLatin0Log In to Vote
215Desireegirlso long hoped for, crave, desireLatin4Log In to Vote
216Dexboyright; nickname of DexterLatin0Log In to Vote
217Dexterboydexterous, right sideLatin4Log In to Vote
218DezareagirlLatin0Log In to Vote
219Diellagirlworships godLatin0Log In to Vote
220Dilliangirlworshipped oneLatin1Log In to Vote
221Doloresgirllady of sorrows, from the virgin MaryLatin0Log In to Vote
222Dominicagirl"of the lord"Latin0Log In to Vote
223Dominikboybelonging to GodLatin5Log In to Vote
224DominusboylordLatin0Log In to Vote
225DukeboyleaderLatin2Log In to Vote
226DulceagirlsweetnessLatin0Log In to Vote
227DurandboyenduringLatin1Log In to Vote
228DurenegirleverlastingLatin0Log In to Vote
229ElexusgirlLatin3Log In to Vote
230Ellerygirlmeans cheerful for a girl or boyLatin3Log In to Vote
231ElroyboyroyalLatin1Log In to Vote
232Elysiagirlsweetly blissfulLatin2Log In to Vote
233EmaliagirlflirtLatin1Log In to Vote
234EnvizyngirlHold own fateLatin0Log In to Vote
235EsmegirlesteemLatin3Log In to Vote
236EssinedgirlModelLatin0Log In to Vote
237EstesboyestuaryLatin0Log In to Vote
238EstrellagirlGod's startLatin0Log In to Vote
239EustaciagirltranquilLatin1Log In to Vote
240EvianagirlPopular ,sweet childLatin1Log In to Vote
241FabianboybeanLatin1Log In to Vote
242FabianagirlbeanLatin0Log In to Vote
243FabronboymechanicLatin0Log In to Vote
244Faithgirltrust, faithLatin53Log In to Vote
245FantasiagirlLatin0Log In to Vote
246FarrarboyblacksmithLatin0Log In to Vote
247FasciennegirlblackLatin0Log In to Vote
248FaustinegirlfortunateLatin0Log In to Vote
249Fawngirla baby deerLatin1Log In to Vote
250FebruusboyPagan GodLatin0Log In to Vote
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