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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
301Ivorygirlwhite as ivoryLatin5Log In to Vote
302Jadalisprincess flowerLatin1Log In to Vote
303JaelyngirlLatin2Log In to Vote
304Javanboyangel of GreeceLatin0Log In to Vote
305Jayliagirlnice,sweet,unique,wonderfulLatin0Log In to Vote
306Jerolinboyholy nameLatin0Log In to Vote
307JesusJesus as a middle nameLatin0Log In to Vote
308Jeylisgirlsocial, energetic, sweet, happy, beautiful, attractiveLatin0Log In to Vote
309Jillgirlyoung childLatin3Log In to Vote
310Jillianygirllove oneLatin0Log In to Vote
311Jinxgirla charmLatin1Log In to Vote
312JionniboyLatin0Log In to Vote
313JocosagirlgleefulLatin0Log In to Vote
314JoycegirlrejoicingLatin4Log In to Vote
315Juliagirlsofthaired, youthful, downy-haired, gentle, youthfulLatin7Log In to Vote
316JulianboyyouthfulLatin9Log In to Vote
317JulianagirlyouthfulLatin3Log In to Vote
318JulinkagirlyouthfulLatin0Log In to Vote
319Julizagirl(ja-lee-sa) free minded and beautiful in ones own wayLatin0Log In to Vote
320Junegirlname of a monthLatin5Log In to Vote
321JunipergirlThe given name is either in reference to the English common name for the juniper tree or berry, or in reference to a derivation of the Welsh name Guinevere. In Latin, juniperus is combination of the word junio, which means young, and parere, to prodLatin2Log In to Vote
322JustusboyjusticeLatin1Log In to Vote
323Kalaregirlbright, clearLatin0Log In to Vote
324KarelygirlLatin0Log In to Vote
325Kasenboyprotected with a helmetLatin3Log In to Vote
326kaycegirlLatin0Log In to Vote
327KeniagirlLatin0Log In to Vote
328Kerqiagirlchurch,sweet,loveingLatin0Log In to Vote
329Kesterboyfrom the camp of the Roman armyLatin0Log In to Vote
330Kharmengirlgarden, field of fruit, songLatin0Log In to Vote
331KilianboyblindLatin0Log In to Vote
332Kiragirllight; sunLatin6Log In to Vote
333KishagirlLatin0Log In to Vote
334KorbinboyRavenLatin1Log In to Vote
335KorvinboycrowLatin0Log In to Vote
336Kristengirlfollower of ChristLatin1Log In to Vote
337Kyriaegirllord have mercyLatin0Log In to Vote
338Lalogirlto sing a lullabyLatin0Log In to Vote
339Lambertoboywealthy in land, brilliantLatin0Log In to Vote
340Laragirlwell-known, name of a nymphLatin2Log In to Vote
341Larainegirlsea birdLatin0Log In to Vote
342Larinagirlsea gullLatin1Log In to Vote
343LarkboyLiarLatin0Log In to Vote
344Latoniagirlmother of Apollo and DianaLatin0Log In to Vote
345Lauragirllaurel leaves, honor, fame, spiritLatin3Log In to Vote
346LaurelgirlLatin5Log In to Vote
347Laurenceboybay or laurel treeLatin0Log In to Vote
348Laurindagirlcrowned with laurel, praiseLatin1Log In to Vote
349Lavinagirlwoman of RomeLatin0Log In to Vote
350LaviniagirlpurityLatin3Log In to Vote
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