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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1A'lyja Spanish0Log In to Vote
2Abejundioboyrelating to the beeSpanish1Log In to Vote
3AdanelygirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
4Adarely girlSpanish0Log In to Vote
5AdonciagirlsweetSpanish0Log In to Vote
6Adrianagirldark, richSpanish13Log In to Vote
7AlciragirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
8AleidagirlSpanish2Log In to Vote
9AlgoboySomethingSpanish0Log In to Vote
10AlitagirlnobleSpanish2Log In to Vote
11Alondragirla Lark bird which can be found in MexicoSpanish0Log In to Vote
12Alvaroboyextremely cautious (variant spelling of the name Alvaro)Spanish2Log In to Vote
13AmadorboyloverSpanish2Log In to Vote
14AmandoboySpanish0Log In to Vote
15AmatagirlbelovedSpanish1Log In to Vote
16AmatoboybelovedSpanish0Log In to Vote
17AmistadboyfriendshipSpanish0Log In to Vote
18AnalyciagirlA combination of Ana and Lycia.Spanish0Log In to Vote
19AntonboySpanish0Log In to Vote
20Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish6Log In to Vote
21AranzagirlVirgin of Spain Spanish1Log In to Vote
22ArcadiagirladventurousSpanish1Log In to Vote
23ArloboyhillSpanish0Log In to Vote
24Arnauboythe Catalan variant of Arnold, means "eagle ruler".Spanish0Log In to Vote
25AtalyagirlSpanish for guardian Spanish0Log In to Vote
26Beliciagirldedicated to godSpanish2Log In to Vote
27BladimirboyLoving but with extreme attitude Spanish0Log In to Vote
28Breezygirlfrom the IliadSpanish3Log In to Vote
29BriseidagirlThe morning/sunrise breeze .Spanish0Log In to Vote
30BrumagirlBruno + marinaSpanish0Log In to Vote
31CameliagirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
32Cammron boySpanish1Log In to Vote
33CarmitagirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
34Castelboybelonging to a castleSpanish0Log In to Vote
35Catalinagirla short spansh name goes great with gemels like CarolinaSpanish3Log In to Vote
36Catonboyknowledgeable, wiseSpanish1Log In to Vote
37Chavellgirlits pronounced Sha-vele, from spanish name ChavelaSpanish0Log In to Vote
38Ciroboythe sunSpanish0Log In to Vote
39CochitigirlforgottenSpanish1Log In to Vote
40ColonboydoveSpanish0Log In to Vote
41Concepciongirlfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish1Log In to Vote
42Concepcionboyfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish0Log In to Vote
43ConsueloboyconsolationSpanish0Log In to Vote
44Cristianboyfollower of ChristSpanish6Log In to Vote
45CuathemocboySpanish0Log In to Vote
46Damitagirllittle princessSpanish1Log In to Vote
47DanielygirlSpanish0Log In to Vote
48DecarloboySpanish0Log In to Vote
49DelaniaboySpanish0Log In to Vote
50DeleciagirlPretty one thats lovingSpanish1Log In to Vote
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