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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Riagirlmouth of a riverSpanish1Log In to Vote
52SallygirlsaviorSpanish1Log In to Vote
53SandiagirlwatermelonSpanish1Log In to Vote
54Savannagirlfrom the open plainSpanish7Log In to Vote
55Sierragirlsaw-tooth mountain rangeSpanish10Log In to Vote
56SolanagirlsunshineSpanish2Log In to Vote
57Soledadgirlsolitary, healthSpanish1Log In to Vote
58Tierragirlearth, landSpanish1Log In to Vote
59XiomaragirlSpanish1Log In to Vote
60YomarisgirlI am the sunSpanish0Log In to Vote
61Abejundioboyrelating to the beeSpanish1Log In to Vote
62Alvaroboyextremely cautious (variant spelling of the name Alvaro)Spanish2Log In to Vote
63AmadorboyloverSpanish2Log In to Vote
64AmatoboybelovedSpanish0Log In to Vote
65AmistadboyfriendshipSpanish0Log In to Vote
66Antonioboyworthy of praiseSpanish6Log In to Vote
67ArloboyhillSpanish0Log In to Vote
68Castelboybelonging to a castleSpanish0Log In to Vote
69Catonboyknowledgeable, wiseSpanish1Log In to Vote
70Ciroboythe sunSpanish0Log In to Vote
71ColonboydoveSpanish0Log In to Vote
72Concepcionboyfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish0Log In to Vote
73ConsueloboyconsolationSpanish0Log In to Vote
74Cristianboyfollower of ChristSpanish6Log In to Vote
75CuathemocboySpanish0Log In to Vote
76Devanteboyfighter of wrongSpanish2Log In to Vote
77Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish4Log In to Vote
78Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish2Log In to Vote
79Ernestilloboyform of ErnestSpanish0Log In to Vote
80Ernestoboyeagle, vigorSpanish0Log In to Vote
81EstebanboycrownSpanish1Log In to Vote
82Fidelboyfaithful and sincereSpanish0Log In to Vote
83Fondaboyprofound, well-basedSpanish0Log In to Vote
84Galenoboylittle bright oneSpanish0Log In to Vote
85Gasparboymaster of treasureSpanish1Log In to Vote
86Geraldoboyform of the name GeraldSpanish0Log In to Vote
87Isidroboygifted with many ideasSpanish0Log In to Vote
88Jaimeboyfrom the name JamesSpanish1Log In to Vote
89JaviarboyenlightenedSpanish1Log In to Vote
90JoaquinboyGod will establishSpanish0Log In to Vote
91Jorgeboyform of GeorgeSpanish1Log In to Vote
92Joseboyform of JosephSpanish2Log In to Vote
93Juanboyform of JohnSpanish5Log In to Vote
94Kikiboyshort for names beginning with KSpanish0Log In to Vote
95ManuelboyGod is with usSpanish3Log In to Vote
96Neronboystrong, sternSpanish0Log In to Vote
97Noeboypeace, restSpanish1Log In to Vote
98Oleosboyholy oil used in churchSpanish0Log In to Vote
99Raulboywolf counselorSpanish2Log In to Vote
100ReyboykingSpanish1Log In to Vote
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