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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Faricagirlpeaceful rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
52Faxonboylong hairTeutonic0Log In to Vote
53Fitzgeraldboyson of GeraldTeutonic0Log In to Vote
54FrancescagirlfreeTeutonic4Log In to Vote
55FrancinegirlfreeTeutonic1Log In to Vote
56FredagirlpeacefuTeutonic0Log In to Vote
57Fredericagirlpeaceful rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
58FridagirlPeacefulTeutonic0Log In to Vote
59Fritzboypeaceful rulerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
60Fvashoonieboynight trollTeutonic0Log In to Vote
61GardagirlprotectedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
62Geraldboyruler with the spearTeutonic1Log In to Vote
63Geraldinegirlruler with the spearTeutonic0Log In to Vote
64GermainegirlarmedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
65Gertrudegirlspear maidenTeutonic0Log In to Vote
66Giffordboygift-braveTeutonic0Log In to Vote
67Gilengirlindustrious pledgeTeutonic0Log In to Vote
68Gilmerboyfamous hostageTeutonic0Log In to Vote
69Goddardboydivinely firmTeutonic0Log In to Vote
70GodfreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic0Log In to Vote
71Godwinboydivine friendTeutonic0Log In to Vote
72Griseldagirlstone heroineTeutonic0Log In to Vote
73Griswoldboyresidence nameTeutonic0Log In to Vote
74Gunnarboybold warriorTeutonic3Log In to Vote
75Gustavusboyson of GothsTeutonic0Log In to Vote
76Hadwinboyfriend in warTeutonic0Log In to Vote
77Haganboystrong defenseTeutonic0Log In to Vote
78Halbertboybright stoneTeutonic0Log In to Vote
79Haldenboyhalf DaneTeutonic1Log In to Vote
80HardyboystrongTeutonic0Log In to Vote
81Hareldagirlmighty in battleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
82Hattiegirlmistress of the homeTeutonic3Log In to Vote
83Heloisegirlfamous in battleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
84Henkagirlruler of an estateTeutonic0Log In to Vote
85Henningboyruler of an estateTeutonic1Log In to Vote
86Herwinboyfriend of warTeutonic0Log In to Vote
87Hilliardboyguardian in warTeutonic0Log In to Vote
88Hobartboybright mindedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
89Holdenboykindly, graciousTeutonic7Log In to Vote
90Hubertagirlbright mindTeutonic0Log In to Vote
91HugoboyintelligentTeutonic1Log In to Vote
92Humphreyboysupporter of peaceTeutonic0Log In to Vote
93IdalinagirlnobleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
94IdalinegirlnobleTeutonic0Log In to Vote
95IdellegirlhappyTeutonic0Log In to Vote
96Idonagirlindustrious workerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
97Ingramboyhero, ravenTeutonic0Log In to Vote
98Ingridgirlhero's daughter, a meadowTeutonic2Log In to Vote
99JeffreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic3Log In to Vote
100Jeroldboymighty with the spearTeutonic0Log In to Vote
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