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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Williamboyvaliant protectorTeutonic13Log In to Vote
2Alisongirlof sacred fameTeutonic8Log In to Vote
3Holdenboykindly, graciousTeutonic7Log In to Vote
4Matildagirlmighty in battleTeutonic5Log In to Vote
5OttoboyprosperousTeutonic4Log In to Vote
6FrancescagirlfreeTeutonic4Log In to Vote
7Edelinegirlnoble, good cheerTeutonic3Log In to Vote
8JeffreyboyGod's peaceTeutonic3Log In to Vote
9Gunnarboybold warriorTeutonic3Log In to Vote
10Willboydetermined guardianTeutonic3Log In to Vote
11Yvettegirlyew, archerTeutonic3Log In to Vote
12Hattiegirlmistress of the homeTeutonic2Log In to Vote
13Edithgirlrich gift, happyTeutonic2Log In to Vote
14Dixonboypowerful rulerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
15BrantboyfirebrandTeutonic2Log In to Vote
16Carlboyone who is strong, manTeutonic2Log In to Vote
17Archergirlthe archerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
18Carlagirlone who is strong, womanTeutonic2Log In to Vote
19Willardboybold resolveTeutonic2Log In to Vote
20Ingridgirlhero's daughter, a meadowTeutonic2Log In to Vote
21Geraldboyruler with the spearTeutonic1Log In to Vote
22Brunoboydark complexionedTeutonic1Log In to Vote
23Wilburboybright resolveTeutonic1Log In to Vote
24Fritzboypeaceful rulerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
25HugoboyintelligentTeutonic1Log In to Vote
26Haldenboyhalf DaneTeutonic1Log In to Vote
27Henningboyruler of an estateTeutonic1Log In to Vote
28MagangirlpowerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
29Louisagirlfamous in battleTeutonic1Log In to Vote
30Waltraudgirlrule strengthTeutonic1Log In to Vote
31Archerboythe archerTeutonic1Log In to Vote
32Adolfboynoble wolfTeutonic1Log In to Vote
33Wilhelminagirlresolute protectorTeutonic1Log In to Vote
34Stewartboykeeper of the estateTeutonic1Log In to Vote
35Thayerboyof the nation's armyTeutonic1Log In to Vote
36Aragirleagle maidTeutonic1Log In to Vote
37Valdisboyspirited in battleTeutonic1Log In to Vote
38CarlengirlwomanTeutonic1Log In to Vote
39Elbertagirlnobly brilliantTeutonic1Log In to Vote
40EmelinegirlindustriousTeutonic1Log In to Vote
41Sigmundboyvictory shield, victory protectorTeutonic1Log In to Vote
42WendelboywandererTeutonic1Log In to Vote
43FrancinegirlfreeTeutonic1Log In to Vote
44Wolfeboya wolfTeutonic1Log In to Vote
45GardagirlprotectedTeutonic0Log In to Vote
46FridagirlPeacefulTeutonic0Log In to Vote
47Fredericagirlpeaceful rulerTeutonic0Log In to Vote
48Aiylagirlthe beautiful Teutonic0Log In to Vote
49BlandagirldazzlingTeutonic0Log In to Vote
50BlendagirldazzlingTeutonic0Log In to Vote
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