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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Bayboyborn in July, seventh-born sonVietnamese1Log In to Vote
2Biangirlsecretive, hiddenVietnamese0Log In to Vote
3Cadeoboyfolk songVietnamese0Log In to Vote
4CaelyngirlVietnamese2Log In to Vote
5DepgirlbeautifulVietnamese0Log In to Vote
6HuegirllilyVietnamese0Log In to Vote
7Khesanhgirlas beautiful as coralVietnamese0Log In to Vote
8Lamboyfull understanding; knowledgeVietnamese0Log In to Vote
9Langirlflower nameVietnamese0Log In to Vote
10MychaugirlgreatVietnamese0Log In to Vote
11MyDuyengirlbeautiful, prettyVietnamese0Log In to Vote
12Nhugirleverything according to one's wishesVietnamese0Log In to Vote
13Phuocboygood luckVietnamese0Log In to Vote
14PhuonggirldestinyVietnamese0Log In to Vote
15Ritchellboynasty, grossVietnamese0Log In to Vote
16TamgirlheartVietnamese0Log In to Vote
17Thaiboymany, multipleVietnamese0Log In to Vote
18Tinhboymindful; awareVietnamese0Log In to Vote
19TongboyfragrantVietnamese0Log In to Vote
20XuangirlspringVietnamese0Log In to Vote
20 names total