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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
451DevonboydefenderEnglish2Log In to Vote
452Dineshboyday GodHindu2Log In to Vote
453Dixonboypowerful rulerTeutonic2Log In to Vote
454Donboynickname of the name DonaldEnglish2Log In to Vote
455DukeboyleaderLatin2Log In to Vote
456Dwayneboyfield or meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
457Eamonboywealthy guardianAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
458Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
459Eddieboywealthy guardian; short for the name EdwardAmerican2Log In to Vote
460Eddieboyhappy protectorEnglish2Log In to Vote
461Eganboyardent, little fireGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
462Elekboyhelper and defender of mankindHungarian2Log In to Vote
463Emanuelboygod is with usHebrew2Log In to Vote
464EnzoboywinnerItalian2Log In to Vote
465Erikboyform of EricGerman2Log In to Vote
466Eryxboyson of Aphrodite and PoseidonGreek2Log In to Vote
467Everettboywild boarNorse2Log In to Vote
468Ewanboywell bornGaelic2Log In to Vote
469Eyanboy2Log In to Vote
470Finlayboyfair heroScottish, English2Log In to Vote
471Foxboycunning animalEnglish2Log In to Vote
472GalenboycalmGaelic2Log In to Vote
473Gerardboyspear-braveGerman2Log In to Vote
474Gilesboybearer of shieldGreek2Log In to Vote
475Giovanniboyform of JohnItalian2Log In to Vote
476GrahamboywarlikeAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
477Habibboybeloved oneArabic2Log In to Vote
478HassanboyhandsomeArabic2Log In to Vote
479HeathboywastelandEnglish2Log In to Vote
480Henriboy2Log In to Vote
481Huntleyboyhunter's meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
482Husseinboyhandsome oneArabic2Log In to Vote
483IainboyGod's gracious giftGaelic2Log In to Vote
484Jaleelboygreat, fineArabic2Log In to Vote
485Jimmyboy2Log In to Vote
486JarodboydescendentHebrew2Log In to Vote
487JarrodboydescendHebrew2Log In to Vote
488Jebidiahboybeloved friendHebrew2Log In to Vote
489Jedrekboystrong, manlyPolish2Log In to Vote
490JensenboyGod is gracious2Log In to Vote
491JesusboyGod will helpHebrew2Log In to Vote
492Johnnyboythe lord is graciousHebrew2Log In to Vote
493JonasboydoveHebrew2Log In to Vote
494JooChanboypraise the LordKorean2Log In to Vote
495Joseboyform of JosephSpanish2Log In to Vote
496JoveboyGodGreek2Log In to Vote
497Juliusboycolored hairGreek2Log In to Vote
498Kabirboyname of a famous saintHindu2Log In to Vote
499Kadinboyfriend, companionArabic2Log In to Vote
500Kaschboylike a blackbirdGerman2Log In to Vote
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