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851Hakanboynoble, fieryNorse, Turkish1Log In to Vote
852Haldenboyhalf DaneTeutonic1Log In to Vote
853HalenboyhallSwedish1Log In to Vote
854Hamiltonboybeautiful mountainEnglish1Log In to Vote
855HarithboycultivatorNorth African1Log In to Vote
856Harlanboyfrom the armyEnglish1Log In to Vote
857Harveyboyarmy warriorEnglish1Log In to Vote
858Haukboywild hawkNorwegian1Log In to Vote
859Hayesboyfrom the hedged placeEnglish1Log In to Vote
860Hectorboyanchor, steadfastLatin1Log In to Vote
861Henningboyruler of an estateTeutonic1Log In to Vote
862Holtboyson of the unspoiled forestEnglish1Log In to Vote
863Hubertboyshining of mindGerman1Log In to Vote
864Hudsonboy1Log In to Vote
865HugoboyintelligentTeutonic1Log In to Vote
866IagoboysupplanterWelsh, Spanish1Log In to Vote
867IchabodboyGlory has departedHebrew1Log In to Vote
868IgorboyheroNorse1Log In to Vote
869Ilhanboyfirst to the HunsTurkish1Log In to Vote
870IliasboyJehovah is my GodLatin1Log In to Vote
871Imreboygreat kingGerman1Log In to Vote
872Indyboyshort for the name Independence; of Indiana (USA)American1Log In to Vote
873Iraboywatchful, descendantHindu1Log In to Vote
874IshmaelboyGod will hearHebrew1Log In to Vote
875Israelboyprince of God, may God reignHebrew1Log In to Vote
876IverboyarcherScandinavian1Log In to Vote
877Ivorboybowman, lordNorse, Scandinavian, Welsh1Log In to Vote
878Jabariboybrave, fearlessAfrican1Log In to Vote
879JabirboycomforterArabic1Log In to Vote
880Jaimeboyfrom the name JamesSpanish1Log In to Vote
881JamalboybeautyArabic1Log In to Vote
882Jarenboy1Log In to Vote
883Jarvisboydriver, a conquerorEnglish1Log In to Vote
884Jayboy1Log In to Vote
885JatinboysaintlyHindu1Log In to Vote
886JaviarboyenlightenedSpanish1Log In to Vote
887JaysonboyGod saves; variant of JasonHebrew1Log In to Vote
888Jayvynboylight spiritAfrican1Log In to Vote
889Jean-PierreboyFrench1Log In to Vote
890Jedboythe handArabic1Log In to Vote
891Jedidiahboybeloved of the LordHebrew1Log In to Vote
892Jeffboynickname for the name JeffreyEnglish1Log In to Vote
893JerodboydescendantHebrew1Log In to Vote
894Jeromeboyof holy nameGreek1Log In to Vote
895Joakimboythe Lord will judgeHebrew1Log In to Vote
896Jobboythe persecutedHebrew1Log In to Vote
897JohannboyGod's gracious giftGerman1Log In to Vote
898Johnnieboythe lord is graciousHebrew1Log In to Vote
899JonboyGod is gracious; nickname for Jonathan/Jonathon, form of JohnHebrew1Log In to Vote
900Jonnyboythe lord is graciousHebrew1Log In to Vote
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