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1801Concepcionboyfertile one, mother, father of nationsSpanish0Log In to Vote
1802Conroyboywise manIrish0Log In to Vote
1803Constantineboyfaithful, firmnessLatin0Log In to Vote
1804ConsueloboyconsolationSpanish0Log In to Vote
1805Conwayboyriver, hound of the plainWelsh0Log In to Vote
1806CoppolaboyfreeLatin0Log In to Vote
1807Corbanboya gift devoted to GodGreek0Log In to Vote
1808Corcoranboyof reddish complexionGaelic0Log In to Vote
1809Cordellboysmall ropeLatin0Log In to Vote
1810Corinboyfrom the cornerEnglish0Log In to Vote
1811CormacboycharioteerCeltic, Gaelic0Log In to Vote
1812CorneliusboyhornLatin0Log In to Vote
1813CorwinboyLatin0Log In to Vote
1814Cosmoboyorder, universeGreek0Log In to Vote
1815Cotyboyold houseEnglish0Log In to Vote
1816Creightonboytown near a creekEnglish0Log In to Vote
1817CrispinboycurlyLatin0Log In to Vote
1818Crosbyboydweller near the town crossingEnglish0Log In to Vote
1819Csababoyfrom mythology, sheperd, wandererHungarian0Log In to Vote
1820Csekeboypuller, carrierHungarian0Log In to Vote
1821CsengerboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
1822Csepelboyyoung forestHungarian0Log In to Vote
1823CsomborboyHungarian0Log In to Vote
1824Csongorboyhunting birdHungarian0Log In to Vote
1825CtiradboyCzech0Log In to Vote
1826CuathemocboySpanish0Log In to Vote
1827Cubbiboy0Log In to Vote
1828Culbertboycool and brilliantTeutonic0Log In to Vote
1829CulverboydoveEnglish0Log In to Vote
1830CurrierboychurnEnglish0Log In to Vote
1831Curtboyshort or littleLatin0Log In to Vote
1832Cuthbertboyfamous and brilliantAnglo-Saxon0Log In to Vote
1833Cynricboywith royal mightEnglish0Log In to Vote
1834Cypherboyzero0Log In to Vote
1835Cyranoboyfrom cyreneGreek0Log In to Vote
1836Cyrilboylordly, proudGreek0Log In to Vote
1837Cyrusboythe sunPersian0Log In to Vote
1838DagboydayNorwegian0Log In to Vote
1839Dagobertboyshining sunGerman0Log In to Vote
1840Dahanaboya RudraHindu0Log In to Vote
1841DakaraiboyhappinessAfrican0Log In to Vote
1842DaksheshboyLord ShivaHindu0Log In to Vote
1843Dallinboypride's peopleEnglish0Log In to Vote
1844DalyboyadvisorGaelic0Log In to Vote
1845DamekboyearthCzech0Log In to Vote
1846Damionboyvariant of DamianEnglish0Log In to Vote
1847Danniellboymy judge is the LordFrench0Log In to Vote
1848Dannyboynickname for Daniel0Log In to Vote
1849Darenboyborn at nightNigerian0Log In to Vote
1850DarrelboybelovedEnglish0Log In to Vote
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