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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
351ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh3Log In to Vote
352Reganboylittle kingGaelic3Log In to Vote
353Remingtonboyfrom the raven's homeEnglish3Log In to Vote
354RioboyriverSpanish3Log In to Vote
355RiordanboypoetGaelic3Log In to Vote
356RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Log In to Vote
357Samboyto hearHebrew3Log In to Vote
358Saulboyasked forHebrew3Log In to Vote
359Sethboyappointed oneHebrew3Log In to Vote
360Shawnboy3Log In to Vote
361TaylorboytailorEnglish3Log In to Vote
362Thatcherboyroof fixerEnglish3Log In to Vote
363TuckerboytailorEnglish3Log In to Vote
364Tysonboyson of a German, son of TyFrench3Log In to Vote
365UriahboyGod is lightHebrew3Log In to Vote
366VadinboyspeakerHindu3Log In to Vote
367Warrenboywatchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La VarenneGerman, English, Teutonic, French3Log In to Vote
368Willboydetermined guardianTeutonic3Log In to Vote
369Chayseboy3Log In to Vote
370CillianboystrifeIrish3Log In to Vote
371Kianboy3Log In to Vote
372SergioboyattendantSpanish3Log In to Vote
373JustinboyAfrican, American3Log In to Vote
374Bentlyboylovely name English3Log In to Vote
375BennettboyEnglish3Log In to Vote
376haaziqboyintelligentArabic3Log In to Vote
377Brodie boybrother Irish3Log In to Vote
378DawsonboyAmerican3Log In to Vote
379CallumboyEnglish3Log In to Vote
380JayceboyAmerican3Log In to Vote
381HeatherboyAnglo-Saxon3Log In to Vote
382Altonboymiracle from aboveCeltic3Log In to Vote
383Aceboyunity, one, first rateLatin2Log In to Vote
384AddisonboyAdam's sonEnglish2Log In to Vote
385AdlerboyeagleGerman2Log In to Vote
386Adonisboyman loved by Aphrodite, handsomeGreek2Log In to Vote
387Adrielboybeaver, symbol of skillNative-American2Log In to Vote
388Aikenboysturdy, oakenAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
389Albertboynoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
390Allenboyfair, handsomeCeltic, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
391Alvinboyelf wine, noble friendEnglish2Log In to Vote
392AmadorboyloverSpanish2Log In to Vote
393AndreaboycourageousGreek2Log In to Vote
394Angusboysuperb, uniqueGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
395Apolloboymanly beautyGreek2Log In to Vote
396ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Log In to Vote
397ArlenboypledgeGaelic2Log In to Vote
398Ashtynboyfrom the ash-tree townEnglish2Log In to Vote
399AugustineboygreatLatin2Log In to Vote
400Bakerboycomes from the names Baxter, BaxleyIrish2Log In to Vote
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