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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
401Emilioboywinning one or flattererSpanish2Log In to Vote
402Eryxboyson of Aphrodite and PoseidonGreek2Log In to Vote
403Pageboyyoung attendantFrench2Log In to Vote
404AdlerboyeagleGerman2Log In to Vote
405Randallboyshield wolfEnglish2Log In to Vote
406Dwayneboyfield or meadowEnglish2Log In to Vote
407Eddieboywealthy guardian; short for the name EdwardAmerican2Log In to Vote
408Everettboywild boarNorse2Log In to Vote
409Albertboynoble and brightGerman2Log In to Vote
410Paulboylittle oneLatin2Log In to Vote
411Phoenixboymystical bird, purpleGreek2Log In to Vote
412Prescottboyresidence nameEnglish2Log In to Vote
413Priceboyurgent oneWelsh2Log In to Vote
414Raulboywolf counselorSpanish2Log In to Vote
415Eamonboywealthy guardianAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
416MalikboymasterArabic2Log In to Vote
417Lykaiosboywolfish, of a wolf, wolf-likeGreek2Log In to Vote
418Apolloboymanly beautyGreek2Log In to Vote
419Mooseboy2Log In to Vote
420Erikboyform of EricGerman2Log In to Vote
421Mylesboyinventor of the corn millGreek2Log In to Vote
422Obadiahboyservant of GodHebrew2Log In to Vote
423Nevanboyholy, little saintIrish2Log In to Vote
424ArlandboypledgeCeltic2Log In to Vote
425ArlenboypledgeGaelic2Log In to Vote
426GalenboycalmGaelic2Log In to Vote
427RaeboydoeEnglish2Log In to Vote
428Randyboyshield wolf; nickname for RandallEnglish2Log In to Vote
429Quinlanboywell-shaped, athleticIrish2Log In to Vote
430RavidboywanderHebrew2Log In to Vote
431Raphaelboyhealed by GodHebrew2Log In to Vote
432NehemiahboyGod's compassionHebrew2Log In to Vote
433Leightonboyresidence nameEnglish2Log In to Vote
434Leslieboy2Log In to Vote
435Dorianboyplace nameGreek2Log In to Vote
436Londonboyfierce ruler of the worldEnglish2Log In to Vote
437DukeboyleaderLatin2Log In to Vote
438BeckboybrookSwedish2Log In to Vote
439Edanboyflame, fieryCeltic2Log In to Vote
440Macyboyfrom Matthew's land; clubFrench, English2Log In to Vote
441Elekboyhelper and defender of mankindHungarian2Log In to Vote
442Marcboy2Log In to Vote
443MaxwellboygreatLatin2Log In to Vote
444Berkeleyboyfrom the birch meadowAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
445EnzoboywinnerItalian2Log In to Vote
446Morganboy2Log In to Vote
447Muhammadboypraised oneArabic2Log In to Vote
448Ewanboywell bornGaelic2Log In to Vote
449Orlandoboybright sunLatin2Log In to Vote
450Finlayboyfair heroScottish, English2Log In to Vote
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