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401Barnettboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
402Baronboynoble manEnglish2Log In to Vote
403BastienboyvenerableFrench2Log In to Vote
404Beacanboysmall, little oneCeltic, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
405BeckboybrookSwedish2Log In to Vote
406Berkeleyboyfrom the birch meadowAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
407Billboyform of the name WilliamEnglish2Log In to Vote
408Blairboyfrom the plain, child of the fieldsGaelic2Log In to Vote
409BodenboyheraldFrench2Log In to Vote
410BoothboyhutEnglish2Log In to Vote
411Bowenboyson of Owen, yellow-hairedGaelic2Log In to Vote
412BramboyravenGaelic, Celtic2Log In to Vote
413BrantboyfirebrandTeutonic2Log In to Vote
414Brettboya native of Brittany, BritonEnglish2Log In to Vote
415Briceboyswift, quick-moving, son of RiceCeltic2Log In to Vote
416BryceboyspeckledWelsh2Log In to Vote
417Caesarboylong hairedLatin2Log In to Vote
418Cageboyan enclosed space2Log In to Vote
419CalvinboybaldLatin2Log In to Vote
420CandanboysincerelyTurkish2Log In to Vote
421Cardenboyfrom the black fortressCeltic2Log In to Vote
422Carlboyone who is strong, manTeutonic2Log In to Vote
423Carloboyversion of CarlItalian, Spanish2Log In to Vote
424CarringtonboybeautifulEnglish2Log In to Vote
425Carverboysculptor, wood carverEnglish2Log In to Vote
426Caryboyhonest one, shyCeltic2Log In to Vote
427CavanboyhandsomeGaelic2Log In to Vote
428Chadboywarlike, warriorEnglish2Log In to Vote
429ChadwickboywarriorCeltic2Log In to Vote
430ChaunceyboychancellorLatin2Log In to Vote
431Chuckboynickname for Charles2Log In to Vote
432Clarkboycleric, scholarEnglish2Log In to Vote
433Colemanboycharcoal burner, dove, peaceEnglish2Log In to Vote
434Coltinboylive in a coal townEnglish2Log In to Vote
435ConanboywiseCeltic2Log In to Vote
436Conradboybrave counselGerman2Log In to Vote
437Coreyboyraven, from the hollowCeltic2Log In to Vote
438CoryboyhollowCeltic, Gaelic2Log In to Vote
439Craigboyfrom near the cragCeltic2Log In to Vote
440Curtisboycourt, courteousLatin2Log In to Vote
441Daimonboyvariant of Damon; gentle, to tameGreek2Log In to Vote
442DaleboyvalleyNorse, English2Log In to Vote
443D'AndreaboyGreek2Log In to Vote
444Daneboyfrom DenmarkEnglish2Log In to Vote
445DariusboykingPersian2Log In to Vote
446Darylboydearly lovedAnglo-Saxon2Log In to Vote
447Dennisboyof dionysusGreek2Log In to Vote
448Derickboyruler of the peopleDutch2Log In to Vote
449Devanteboyfighter of wrongSpanish2Log In to Vote
450DevlinboybraveGaelic2Log In to Vote
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