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301Agathagirlgood, kindGreek5Log In to Vote
302Alessandragirlhelper of mankindItalian5Log In to Vote
303Alexgirlshort for AlexandriaGreek5Log In to Vote
304AligirlGod, little, the highestArabic, Native American5Log In to Vote
305AlyxgirlhelperEnglish5Log In to Vote
306Andromedagirlbeautiful maiden rescued by PerseusGreek5Log In to Vote
307AnnagirlgraciousHebrew5Log In to Vote
308Annemariegirlcombination of Anne and MarieFrench, German5Log In to Vote
309Arabellagirlbeautiful alterItalian5Log In to Vote
310Athenagirlgoddess of wisdomGreek5Log In to Vote
311BellegirlbeautifulFrench5Log In to Vote
312Briannagirlstrong oneCeltic, Gaelic5Log In to Vote
313Bronwyngirlfair breastWelsh5Log In to Vote
314CaitlingirlpureCeltic, Welsh5Log In to Vote
315Cambriegirl5Log In to Vote
316Camillegirlattendant at a religious ceremonyLatin5Log In to Vote
317CarleighgirlfreeholderGerman5Log In to Vote
318ChanelgirlcanalFrench5Log In to Vote
319Charlenegirlsmall beautyFrench5Log In to Vote
320ClarissagirlclearLatin5Log In to Vote
321Colettegirlvictory of the peopleGreek5Log In to Vote
322Cordeliagirlrope, heart, a sea jewelLatin5Log In to Vote
323CoringirlEnglish5Log In to Vote
324Destinygirl5Log In to Vote
325Elizagirlthe chosenFrench, Latin5Log In to Vote
326Haileygirl5Log In to Vote
327Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek5Log In to Vote
328Hollygirlplant with red berries, holly groveEnglish5Log In to Vote
329Jewellgirl5Log In to Vote
330JoygirljoyEnglish5Log In to Vote
331Julietgirlform of Julia, little5Log In to Vote
332Junegirlname of a monthLatin5Log In to Vote
333Kaitlyngirllittle darlingCeltic5Log In to Vote
334Kamryngirl5Log In to Vote
335Keelygirlbeautiful and gracefulGaelic5Log In to Vote
336KelseygirlCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish5Log In to Vote
337Kiaragirl5Log In to Vote
338Kylagirlnarrow, narrow channel, honor, lovelyGaelic, English, Scottish5Log In to Vote
339Lanigirlsky, heavenHawaiian5Log In to Vote
340Laniegirl5Log In to Vote
341LaurelgirlLatin5Log In to Vote
342Leighgirlmeadow, wearyEnglish, Hebrew5Log In to Vote
343Lianagirlvine, to bind; youthFrench5Log In to Vote
344LucygirllightLatin5Log In to Vote
345Lydiagirlwoman from Persia, beautyGreek5Log In to Vote
346Mabelgirlmy fair maid; lovelyFrench5Log In to Vote
347Madalyngirl5Log In to Vote
348Mariahgirl5Log In to Vote
349Matildagirlmighty in battleTeutonic5Log In to Vote
350MelodygirlsongGreek5Log In to Vote
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