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A couch potato’s sprouts!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009 by by

Look at my sprouts!

I admit this is probably not terribly exciting to everybody, but I can’t stop staring at them.  I think that for the first time ever, I might actually grow something.  We have tried this before and failed, but you know what they say if at first you don’t succeed, try drinking more coffee.  Oh wait a minute.  That was me who said that.  I know I am not really funny.  I try.

My kids are very excited about our garden too.  Lyndsey comes in my office, where the garden is hiding right now, (more…)


Canceling the party :(

Thursday, March 26th, 2009 by by

Yep, you are reading right. We are canceling their b-day party. Seems as though things in my life never come easy. Hmmm, that may explain me having triplets, LOL! You won’t find me complaining though. I have learned from every trial and tribulation I have gone through.

The reason? All THREE babies are sick. It started with Sofi and now Ianchito and Gabi are running low grade fevers and have massive runny noses. Who knew babies could make so much snot? Really!?! Todd and I have busted out “Operation Kick the Sickies in the Butt”. I’m full out working on keeping the data organized. I’ve got the white board split in to 3 and keeping track of meds and temps. Todd is the runner, going to the store for things we need. Sweet hubby went to Walmart while I fed the kids and got a thermometer (ear), Motrin, and Klenex with lotion. We are both tag teaming the kids. Can you imagine THREE sick babies? HAHA! It is a ball!

Here are my 3 sick babies. We are keeping them with just diapers on (more…)

Research Proves: I am an AWESOME Mom!

Thursday, March 26th, 2009 by by

This morning my wee one decided that 5:30 a.m. would be the perfect time to wake up and play with his Baby Mozart turtle crib toy. This “educational” item is a soft turtle with an “aquarium” where his shell should be. He has various buttons that, when pushed, allow baby to be charmed and appropriately stimulated by a variety of carefully selected classical tunes. This early morning concert wouldn’t have been SO bad, except that K has decided that he is a fan of one particular selection that this thing plays. I have no idea if it is a sonata or an etude or what…all I know is that K will press the starfish button on the turtle in 4 quick successions to essentially fast forward to this song. The second the snippet ended I could hear *pushpushpushpush* and voila! The song would begin anew.

Long story short, anyone who claims that classical music is soothing, relaxing and intellectually stimulating has never had to listen to the same dang song 100 times in a row during the hours of breaking dawn. I finally threw in the towel around play #456 which occurred at approximately 6:15 a.m. I retrieved my little Mozart lover from the orchestra pit of his crib and plopped him into bed with me. The exorbitant amount of money we pay to Comcast Cable paid off this morning because they have 24 hour children’s programming! I turned on Dora the Explorer and went back to sleep.

I woke up at 8:00 to find my little angel in essentially the same position, still watching Dora. Whatever guilt I felt about parking my under-2-year-old in front of the TV was assuaged by the knowledge that had I NOT gotten that extra 2 hours of sleep I would have been a borderline psycho at the breakfast table. So let’s recap: Classical music – irritating and dangerous to children as it can cause severe anger in parents. Children’s television – soothing and miraculous. And truly – I think I could actually cite Dora as a child safety device since it allowed me to gain the aforementioned extra sleep time.

After 4 kids I’ve heard all the research and gone through all the stages of requisite guilt that accompany knowing you are perhaps the only person poisoning young minds because everyone else with children under 2 is entertaining them with balls of yarn, wooden cylinders and other Waldorf-inspired, etsy-made toys. However, I have to say that after locating this fantastic piece of valid research done by a Fortune 50 company, I feel somewhat vindicated. Who says that research has to be current to be valid? Not me! This ad makes me feel good about the choices I make as a parent and really, isn’t that what research is for?

Allow me to highlight some of the finer points (more…)

Month number 23 and counting

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by by

One of the struggles I have had since moving to New Zealand is finding a group of girls to call my ‘girlfriends’. It’s no surprise to me that I don’t have a huge group of people to call my friends, I never had this anywhere. I’m more of the type that has just a small, select, and wonderful group of friends. One in particular, Cat, has been my best friend since we met in first year university and we were forced to share a room together in residence (incidentally, the BEST thing ever!).
I have a couple of girls I talk to here. One or two I’ll meet for lunch, or David and I will meet another couple for dinner. But there’s no-one I confide in, giggle stupidly with, who I backs me up 100% and I her.
There’s one woman who has been a lifesaver over the past year. She’s younger than me (considerably) but way more mature than me (not hard) and also trying to have a family. Due to circumstances out of their control, she and her husband have now completed three cycles of IVF. Every single one of them has resulted in a miscarriage. And now they’re going for a fourth cycle.
Brave? YES. Courageous? YES. Awe-inspiring? YES.
And yet, she is still there for me on a Tuesday night when, once again, the fact of me not being pregnant (more…)


Bring me the….

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by by

I have a picture book that Mommy and I look through everyday. Mommy tells me what the object is in the picture and works with me to repeat the word. We work on object recognition as well. Today we sat down with some of my toys so Mommy could see how good my object recognition was getting. We had a car, a bear, a ball, a baby a rattle and a blanket. I did really good until Mommy told me to get the bear. I love my bear and went running off into the other room to cuddle with it.That was the end of the game. Bear and I went to the backroom and climbed up on the slide. I was being really silly and Mommy took a short video of me.

The tutus are finished!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by by

YIPPEE! I have finished the girls’ b-day outfits! How come it is always harder to dress girls than boys? All my boy got was a shirt. Hmmmm? Anyway, I know you all are DYING to see the tutus so here they are in all their glory with the matching shirts.

Sofi is going to be in yellow and Gabi in the teal. I tried the tutus on yesterday and although they are a little big, they fit the girls perfectly. I can’t wait to put their shirts on them!

Tomorrow is our 1st physical therapy session for Ian, 2.5 months after all this began. Pretty long, huh? I guess that is what happens when you work with a state program. I’m curious to see what they say with his progress over the past 3 weeks since the assessment. He is doing quite a bit better. At this point, he rather be standing than sitting or laying on the floor but he still can’t quite pull himself up although we are practicing. It is the same process we went through (more…)

Sofi had a big day!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 by by

With the good comes the bad. Yesterday was a big day for Miss Sofi. She started to really walk. Not a couple of tentative steps, but real honest-to-God steps while balancing herself and concentrating really hard. After trying all day to get her on tape, it finally happened when Daddy got home.

Sorry for my appearance because as well as walking, Sofi ended up sick. Long story, not even worth getting in to but she officially has a “virus”. Her nose started running (clear) yesterday morning & didn’t let up all day. More than just teething runny nose too. It was like a cold. I was concerned about it all day & was taking temps of all 3 kids. You know I’m going to be overly precautious because of what we went through with Ian. Finally, right before bedtime she got (more…)


An Artist Suffers

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 by by

*SIGH*….coloring has grown tiresome and I have lost my inspiration. I sure wish someone would ring the doorbell.

Family Time

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by by

Every now and again I get a little “Leave it to Beaver” and force my family into public in hopes that our Norman Rockwellian presence allows everyone to understand the warm and special bond that is the large family.  What good is having so many of God’s blessings if you can’t take them out and show them off a little?

My husband is not of the same mind as me.  He thinks our kids should remain in lockdown for approximately the next 18 years and that we should only go out in public if we have secured the expensive care of a qualified sitter.   Of course this motivates me even more to choreograph occasions where we can go out as a family and I can prove him wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Look!  Family Night for Little League is Tuesday.  Why don’t we all go?”  I said with the same enthusiasm I’d muster for a lottery win.

“Are you nuts?” retorted my husband.

“Great!  We’ll leave at 6:45.” I confirmed.

After forcing our 4 children to condense their typical dinner time bellyaching/shenanigans/how many more bites routine into a 15 minute segment, we loaded into the car and hauled them into a steaming high school auditorium packed with a hundred other Little Leaguers and their families.  We had K confined to his stroller but in a critical lapse of judgment, my husband took leave of his senses and freed him from his restraints.  K instantly contorted his body like a Cirqe de Soleil performer and howled against my husband’s struggle to keep him lapbound, thereby interrupting the Little League director’s  5 minute schpiel about metal bats and a reminder to buy a discounted hoodie or a rain poncho before leaving.

Just as the vein in my husband’s temple began to pulse, we were released from the meeting (more…)

Motivated Monday!

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 by by

So I told you I was reading a book on time management.  Well, it is not only helping me with my time management, but it is motivating me to get more done in the day and to focus on doing some things I keep talking about wanting to do but not actually doing.  A couple of those things are exercising and starting a garden.  Remember how I said I had bought a great work out video and a treadmill and a new swimsuit, well I want to actually wear that swim suit this year.  Today is Monday and I thought what better day to start on my new routine.  (Yes, I know we will see how long this lasts… but I am optimistic.)  I am really working on getting back to goal setting.  I have written down quite a few goals for myself and I want to be able to see some of them happen.

Mission ONE EXERCISE:   I had my hubby take a before picture of me in my swimsuit – no I am not posting it – yesterday so I have a reference and can see my progress.  I am going to see if he can take a new picture once a week for the next 12 weeks.  I have set a goal to work out six days a week and do this 90 percent of the time.  I look at a 90 percent as an A and I like to get A’s so I guess I will see how I do with this.  I got up this morning a little late but I drug myself downstairs and did it.  I can’t say I did the best job at it because I am terribly out of shape.  I am going to try to stick with this and track my progress.  If I have results that are not embarrassing I may post before and after pictures at the end of the 12 weeks, but I am not holding my breath on that.

MISSION TWO GARDEN:  The other thing I am up to this week is attempting to start a garden.  This is not the first time we have tried to start a garden but this time I really want to succeed.  We are planning to do this as a family.  I thought it would be good for the kids and something we could do as a family.  Right now we just have a few things in little planters in the house.  When they sprout then we will move them outside.  We really don’t know what we are doing with this so this may not go exactly as planned but this is our first garden so (more…)