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Swine flu, head lice, and other strange thoughts

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

Sorry I am talking about my insanity again but I sometimes run out of ideas to blog about and well since every third post on JM at the moment seem to be about the swine flu, I thought the blog might need one too.  I have decided that I am not leaving the house until this pandemic or whatever we are calling it is over.  I already have enough problems with illness psychosis that I don’t need anything else to worry about.  Yet, like every other Googler I worry.

I was indeed one of the thousands of people searching frantically to find out what the symptoms of swine flu were.  I am sure my searching contributed to this week’s most popular search term, swine flu symptoms.  I am not sure how I could have possibly gotten the swine flu, but it was important for me to know the symptoms just in case.  I still don’t really know how you distinguish swine flu symptoms from any other flu symptoms but if I start doing a lot of coughing, sniffling, or sneezing I will let you know.  I do know that Michigan has a confirmed case of swine flu.  Fortunately, it is miles from me.  I will just stay in my house and hibernate (more…)


Goodbye my favorite yellow friend!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

Farewell Symphony,
my favorite yellow friend.
Our special time together,
is coming to an end.

All the sleepless nights,
are now in the past.
Where did all the time go?
It went really fast.

The first goal was 3 months, (more…)

Being Atypical

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

The Internet is a wonderful and terrible place sometimes. One of the things I have leaned on through our entire journey with hearing loss have been the other blogs, the other kids and parents who have gone and are going down the same road we are. I share their journeys, worry through cochlear implant surgeries for babies who I’ve never met, celebrate milestones.

And I sit back, realizing how different our journey is from all of theirs.

We’re going through the same steps, of course, but at the same time Danny is so different. These kids are signing and showing hearing recognition less than 2 months post-activation, babbling after 3 months. They are super stars! And I get so excited for them, but then I look at Danny and have to remind myself that it’s not a race.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and in the end most everyone will be a winner. And Danny is a super star himself, maybe not on the vocalizing side, but really to have him hearing at the level he is, and giving the responses he is, is pretty incredible.

With Danny’s latest IFSP meeting coming up, and his impending occupational therapy evaluation, it’s more obvious than usual that Danny isn’t your typical cochlear implant baby. His continued battle against solid food is now being referred to by some as an oral sensory texture … thing. A pit in my stomach is dreading the evaluation, because no matter how much I know Danny isn’t typical, I hate hearing it laid out on the table.

I wonder what our journey would be like if he didn’t have to work so hard (more…)

Triplet Table Details

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

Many of you asked how we made the table. Wish I had taken pictures of the progress but Todd was working outside and I was inside with the kids. I can tell you the process though.

1. Find a solid table, at least 60″ (5′ long). Yes, that long!
2. Find the type of seats you would like for your table. You can google “Toddler Table Replacement Seats”. Here are links to (more…)


Fluffy Mail!!!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

This is my first installment of Fluffy Mail!  Basically, everytime I get a new diaper- Fluffy Mail- I will post pictures of my adorable son modeling his new fluff.

First, a Piddle Poddles AI2.


Next, a Goodmama fitted- Pollock.


A Peek into my Diapers Drawer

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

Something that I’ve come to realize when having Jonah out of the house in his cloth diapers is that there is a lot of confusion about the modern cloth diaper. This confusion trickles down to expecting mothers who are interested in using cloth. Mothers who are new to cloth often find the amount of information on the internet overwhelming, and difficult to decide what kind of cloth diapers she should be using as well as how they work.

I have had a lot of questions about the various styles of diapers that Jonah dons on his derrière. I have seen every reaction from “what the heck is that?” to “it’s not old fashioned anymore!” So, I would like to give everyone a quick tour of our diaper drawer, pointing out all of the gadgets and conveniences of the modern day cloth diaper.

We, like several other cloth users, have several different styles of diapers. The style of diaper that we choose in a particular moment is unique to the situation. Are we going out? Is it naptime? Bedtime? Playing at home? Do we need something quick to put on or can we take a little time? These situations influence what diapers we reach for.

The most convenient diapers we own are called all-in-ones (AIO.) This kind of diaper is the closest you can get to how a disposable (more…)

I am banning paper towels and paper plates!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

My husband may freak on me!  After FINALLY watching the DVRed Earth Day episode of Oprah I am never even buying paper towels, napkins, or paper plates again.  They showed the garbage swirl in the Pacific Ocean which spans from the coast of California all the way to Japan.  In some places it is 90 feet deep.  It is full of plastic bags and household trash.

A glimpse of the trash in our oceans!  Read more: I am banning paper towels and paper plates! | Mommy Blogs @ JustMommies -

A glimpse of the trash in our oceans!

I have already quit using plastic bags as my New Year’s Resolution and that is going great!  I stash them everywhere; my car, on the door knob on the front door so I remember to take them, in my diaper bag, and in my stroller.

Right now I am pretty good about using cloth napkins in lieu of paper, and I have started using regular plates for sandwiches instead of paper plates.  But I know there are times when I reach for the paper stuff out of habit, or convenience, or (more…)


Are You Talking To Me?

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by by

Was it less than a month ago that Lucas’Mommy commented on how her little guy was responding when she called, and that it would be sooner than I thought for Danny? Yes, I do believe it was.

Her words were true.

Our evening was typical: supper was eaten and done for everyone, and Danny was motoring around the office downstairs enjoying some independent play. Certainly Mommy and Daddy were enjoying the independent play as well! I sat at my computer poking around some forums when I heard a familiar sound approaching.


Danny crawled past making his motor boat sounds and then quieted. Something caught his interest. I glanced down at the baby at my feet, ready to AVT it up and talk to him about what he was so engrossed in, and saw him tugging on a kitty’s ear.

My response was automatic, bred from years of Eric tormenting our cats.

“Danny…” I warned in a firm voice, but not very loud. (Loud has become bad with Eric, he picks up on it and starts to shout when he wants us to do something.) Chagrin instantly hit me as I realized (more…)

Japanese Potty Training Video

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 by by

Bye Poo Poo!!! Yes, the only English you hear in this video is a farewell to the feces the young Tiger? boy says to his poo. And, to make things even better, the poo poo has a face. I am nowhere near potty training but I am saving this for when I do start. I think the cartoon characters are expressive enough that the language issue doesn’t matter. If you have a child who is potty learning or younger watch this! it may come in handy…. after all, everybody poops! Although not everyone’s poop dances!

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 by by

Ethan’s going to be left handed just like me. I like to color with Ethan until he starts dropping the crayons in the hole in the table.