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She should know who she is

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by by

So, I have this friend and she has a blog.

I love reading her blog because she applies her own great sense of humor and outlook to different situations that occur in her life. And, despite what she might sometimes think of herself, I think she’s very brave and an inspiration.

I’ve done things in my past that while I’m not ashamed of them because they’ve made me who I am today, I would in no way have the guts to share with the world. I’m glad to talk about them with someone I know if they bring up a subject that pertains to it, or if I think my experience might help someone else, but I’m too much a chicken to lay my faults down for all (more…)


Super Sonic Day!

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by by

Tee-hee! If you are from the South, you know all about Sonic. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Ok, so it isn’t so much the food although they have killer tots and cheese that I enjoy eating very much, it is the drinks. Yep, their drinks are the bestest in the whole world. Not the alcoholic kind either. Um, ok, you CAN put some vodka in their flavored drinks, the cherry limeade to be exact, and it is quite delish BUT since those days are in the past, a straight up cherry limeade is what I craved today.

So, I did what any other person craving a drink or snack would do. I got in the car and (more…)

Adding a sign

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by by

Tonight at dinner, I decided to offer Jonah a biter biscuit. We call them cookies, and use the sign for cookie which is a C shape placed to the palm of the other hand, and twisted as if making circles for a cookie on a plate.We have been emphasizing the sign for apple at mealtime, because Jonah showed an interest in this sign while eating freeze-dried apple dices. I’ve been giving him the apples after his purees, and emphasizing the sign for apple as I talk to him about what he is eating. To do the sign for apple, I make an A shape with my hand and place the knuckle of that index finger to my cheek, then twist my hand back and forth. In this picture, an X shape is used, but it is the same basic signBecause he’s been eating an awful lot of apples (more…)

I am in a funk

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by by

There is just way too many things going on right now and I feel so emotional all the time. I am still coming to turns with Sarah being pregnant and being a grandmother and all of the stuff that goes along with that. On top of that James is graduating in less than 10 days and in fact had his Awards Ceremony from the Career & Technology Center tonight. Add that to Daniel’s “graduation” from his preschool program tomorrow and it’s just enough already. I look at my big kids and see their lives changing in so many ways right now and I’m struck with an overwhelming sense of … something. I’m not sure what I’m feeling. James is so grown up and just at the beginning his life. I look at him and my heart swells with love and pride. Sarah, my baby girl is going to be a mommy and I can see her changing in so many ways already. She seems to understand how much her life is about to change and is welcome to the changes, even if they will be hard. I love her more than she can understand, but I think she’s about to find out. And my Daniel. My sweet, sweet Daniel. He brings me so much joy each day and my heart melts every time he wraps his little arms around my neck.

So yeah. I’m emotional right now. When I first became a mom, while I knew that my kids would eventually grow up, it never dawned on me that it would hurt so much.


Pee on my Corn Flakes

Friday, May 29th, 2009 by by

I don’t even eat Corn Flakes, but if I did I’m certain I would be helping myself to a big old helping of already been peed on Corn Flakes.  It seems that we cannot catch a break in this house because just when everyone started feeling better someone else had to go and get sick…this time it’s Violet.  We had such a wonderful weekend and them wham out of nowhere she started feeling and acting miserable… last night she was a great big mess of fevers, snotty nostrils, and a temperament quite unlike her.  Mike and I spent most of the night awake, trying to console her and as if the universe were not being offensive enough….I pulled a muscle in my neck/upper back when I leapt out of bed in the middle of night when I was awakened by her screams.

I’m calling “uncle” as loud as I can….waving the white flag of surrender and giving the victory this time to the universe!  You win!  You went in for the attack and you managed to bring us all down so we are surrendering, hoping that you will show a little remorse for you what’s been going on and let us be.   I’d like to take my kids to the zoo this weekend with friends but at this rate we won’t be chattering with any monkeys any time soon.  It’s times like these when I want to forget that I’m a responsible grown up person and stomp my little foot in the middle of the room while shouting “it’s not fair!!!” but I know that it won’t do me one ounce of good so (more…)

Picture of the Day: "Blue vs. Brown"

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

I’m the odd person out on all sides of my family. All of my dad’s family has brown eyes, my mom’s parents have brown eyes, my mom, aunt, and all my siblings have green eyes. John has brown eyes, and the boys have brown eyes. (Though Zach’s are the brown of my dad’s not John’s…) Me, I have blue eyes, and I’m feeling a little lonely.

I was so sure when Zach came out with a head full of red hair that he would have my blue eyes, but nope brown. Ryan’s eyes stayed that newborn dark blue-ish gray for so long I thought they might at least stay that color, but nope, by 18 months they were brown.
Now, Bella’s eyes are doing something neither of the boys’ eyes did, they’re getting lighter. I am crossing all my crossables that this means one of my children will finally get my blue eyes. But knowing my luck even if they don’t turn brown, they’ll probably end up green.

Weekly Confessions (5/19-25)

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

Alright, here are this week’s weekly confessions.

While I love my boys, I’m not missing them while they’re at my mom’s.

Zach has not set foot in our house since last Friday morning, and he thinks he’s spending his entire summer break at my mom’s house – and I’m tempted to let him.

I put off cleaning yesterday until John called to say he was on his way home from work.

I’ve had coffee all day for the past week.

I have not worked out (more…)


My Stash! A Rainbow of Diapers!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

Since we are using disposables right now, I have a very rare chance to see my entire stash, in one place.  The grand total: 37 diapers.  In truth, there are more because I have Gro Baby and G Diapers, which can be used with many inserts.  And I have some prefolds.  Here is a photo journey of my stash.

In case you are wondering, I have not reached stash nirvana yet.

3 BG OS Organic with Velcro, 3 BG OS Organic with Snaps

3 BG OS Organic with Velcro, 3 BG OS Organic with Snaps

5 BG OS Pockets with velcro, 5 OS BG Pockets converted to snaps

5 BG OS Pockets with (more…)

My son is lacking a fluffy bum :(

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

I, the Queen of Cloth, have my son is disposables for the time being.  I came to the hard decision to use disposables on our quick trip to Tampa, FL.  We leave tomorrow morning but I am not willing to leave my diapers dirty in the pail so I recently changed him from his last cloth diaper to his first disposable for a few days.

We decided to buy Huggies Pure and Natural.  They are made with organic cotton and (more…)

We’ve been married a year; it’s time to get some chickens

Thursday, May 28th, 2009 by by

We spent the long weekend visiting friends in Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful getaway, as they live in a very rural area. It was nice to stay with friends who have the same naturalistic views that we have. On their one acre plot of land, they are raising a garden, and hoping to buy some egg chickens within the year. I’ve mentioned these friends on my blog before. They introduced the concepts of EC to me when Jonah was just weeks old.

We are currently looking at a home that sits on a five acre lot. If we are able to sell our home in Cleveland, we will try to make an offer on it. We are both crossing our fingers that we are able to buy this chunk of land, because it is everything that we need and is right in our price range. When Daryl’s friend mentioned that they were getting chickens soon, I saw that twinkle flare up in his eye. “Hey Jess!” he said “If we get that place….”
me:”yes dear, we might look into getting chickens…”
him: “and a goat!”

A goat? Well, I guess it is easier than keeping a cow for milk. I’m honestly surprised (more…)