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Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by by

No, not mine. I said I wasn’t going to talk about it. I really wasn’t. That was my full intention but after seeing “the episode” of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and  crying over what is happening to them, I am going to talk about it.

What I am not going to do, bash them. They are humans and have feelings. Although I would not choose their lifestyle, I respect them. They are going through tremendous pressure, whether they brought it on themselves or what ever other reason people are saying is irrelevant.

I think this needs to be talked about. Why is it that HOM (High Order Multiples) families have a higher divorce rate? Could it be the stress of having 3+ children at one time, creating an instant larger than average family? Could it be that most couples experienced some kind of infertility beforehand and that put stress on the relationship prior to the pregnancy? Could it just be that having a baby is hard, whether it is 1, 2, 3, or more? What is the cause?

I don’t want to say we are better than any other family out there because trust me (more…)



Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by by

One of these is a whiny, demanding, crybaby with crazy hair.
The other is my baby girl.

Kickin’ the definition of family to the curb

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by by

Two years ago this month, after a particularly fantastic day with our nieces during a holiday in Florida, David and I made the crazy decision to ‘try for a family’. It was hardly as clinical as that, and certainly not done with a rational conversation. It was, more,….ahem…in the heat of things, so to speak, that we took the, er, plunge.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we hadn’t been drinking copious amounts and weren’t thinking that a baby would be a laugh. No, in the cold (actually warm, is was Florida after all) light of day we got excited at the thought. Giddy with the possibility of having our own kid to play with, swim with, who would be a cousin to our nieces. I took my nieces on walks and couldn’t help but daydream about doing the same with my own little girl (or boy, either would be just great).

Back home, the fun continued. We were relaxed, easy going about it all. And then I turned 34, which felt way to close to 35. And a couple of months later I asked our doctor about fertility tests. And then 6 months after that David agreed to testing too. And just at the point that laparoscopy was mentioned, I was pregnant.

Whaddayaknow, here we are now at 2 years and there is no baby to (more…)

Baby Love

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009 by by

This new girl of ours is a crybaby. Big time. I cannot even tell you how many hours I’ve logged on the computer searching under “colic”, “gassy baby”, “infant crying” and “antidepressants”. I can’t tell you because time has lost all meaning for me. After a baby has screamed its head off for more than 30 minutes, not only do you lose sense of time, you lose sense of space, reason AND reality.

Last night it got so bad (and by bad I mean 2 whole hours of swaddling, shushing, swaying
swearing, etc. etc.) I finally bundled her up, plopped her in the swing and turned up my iPod as loud as it would go.

I sat next to the swing with my hand on her belly (she likes constant human contact) while “It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you Want to Rock & Roll)” by AC/DC blew out whatever was left of my eardrums.

It was this way that we both finally fell asleep. My husband came home from his “quick” errand to buy a fishing license to find me sitting on the floor, wedged between the couch and (more…)


The Eye of the Beholder

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by by

This is a photo of my funny boy, K. He is riding on “Ollie” which used to belong to my husband when he was a boy. K rides this thing through our house with the same stealth intensity as the boy from “The Shining”. (((shudder)))

Most people look at this photo and see a funny kid on a funny-looking riding toy.  (What IS Ollie anyway?  I say he’s a banana slug.)

Here’s what I see when I look (more…)

I Don’t Want to Move to Boston…

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by by

John came home from work yesterday and announced he wants to move to Boston.

I thought he was joking so I told him if he can find a house to buy (I don’t want to rent), handle saleing this house, finding a job there, and get all the stats on the area I’ll do it, just don’t expect me to help.

By the time we went to bed he had a list of houses and all the statistical information on the areas they are in. PLUS, he had emailed (more…)

Party Planning as Time Slips Away

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by by

Life has been barreling forward at a pace I’m not quite accustomed too and every week I have had just enough time to blink before Sunday has arrived and a new Monday has returned.  I feel incredibly frustrated with how quickly time is flying by in 2009 because I had high hopes for this year and a list about ten miles long of the things we were going to do as a family, none of which have come to pass as of yet…but gosh darn it I’m really hoping to get that trip to the zoo in this coming weekend.

Today marks the first official “holy crap his birthday is in 2 weeks” day of planning for Jacob’s birthday party.  We are having a smallish party this year with about 15 people including children, and Jacob has requested a pirate party – ok I can do that.  I’m not really sure that Jacob understands what a pirate is except that he knows they like treasure chests and say “yo ho blow the man down” – heh.  I’ve already gone ahead and ordered some party supplies off of ebay including pirate plates, napkins, a foil balloon, some loot boxes shaped like treasure chests and my mom picked up a cool pinata in the shape of a treasure chest…a la Pirates of the Caribbean (not our theme but it works right?).  I think I’m going to keep the food quite simple and have some pepperoni and cheese pizza with fruit of some sorts (watermelon maybe?) then some snacky snacks like cheesies…I’m not ordering a cake but rather I’m going to make some homemade cucpakes with little pirate flags stuck in them that I picked up from Michael’s Craft Store.  I’m not really sure if we’ll do any party games aside from the pinata…although I did see a cool “pin the eye patch on the pirate” game that I could probably make myself (more…)


A Well Meaning Husband

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 by by

Yesterday morning it was my turn to sleep in.  Hallelujah!  This meant my husband got to do the first diaper change of the day.  Well, I had very few diapers to choose from that were clean.  There was a load of clean, dry diapers in the dryer… which is in the basement.  I believe the choices available for my husband were fitteds, g diapers, gro baby, and a straggling pocket.  He chose a Piddle Poddles fitted.

A bit after this change my husband brings my son in to my bed for me to nurse him.  This is how this conversation went.

“He is wearing a fitted.  He needs a cover.  This isn’t waterproof.”

“Oh, ok.  He is hungry.”

“I will feed him when he has a cover on, I don’t want pee to leak through in my bed or on me.”

Shortly after: Husband enters.


“This isn’t a waterproof cover.”

“What do you mean, it is a cover.  There are now two layers of fabric.”

“Yes, but this is a G Diaper cover, not a waterproof cover.  Go get a (more…)

More odd than nice

Monday, May 25th, 2009 by by

We’ve finally gotten Bella to start the night in her bed. The past few nights however we laid her down much too early to get to take advantage of that, she would be waking up ready to eat when we would be going to bed. Well, last night we didn’t put her to bed in her bed until 9, and then an hour later we decided to lay down in our bed and watch a movie. I go through my bedtime routine thinking “This is going to be so nice! Lying in bed, not being uncomfy and pregnant, not having to worry about baby in bed…” It comes time for us both to lay down, and I get in bed first as John starts the movie, I’m trying out laying in different positions enjoying being able to lay in all these silly ones and my stomach, ways I haven’t slept in bed in months and months. The movie’s starting, John checks on Bella one more time (even though her bed is less than 2 feet from ours…), and then John gets in bed.

We’re both lying there very stiff and awkwardly. It’s kind of like we’ve forgotten how to just lay in bed together, alone. There’s no big tummy between us, no baby sleeping or nursing between us, its just John and I. It’s still too soon for us to be intimate, and even before I got pregnant with Bella it’s not like we often just laid in bed and watched movies. It was a whole new territory. Eventually John took the prerogative to make things normal, which is good since I was just lying there thinking “Okay this is so odd.” After a while we both were able to relax and watch the movie, but I still can’t get over how it was so odd at the beginning. I guess it’s because we never had this moment with the boys, they were both already out of my bed by the time we married and he moved in.

Straight from the closet – domestic goddess

Monday, May 25th, 2009 by by

Why is it that you only hit your holiday stride after a week on holiday? Perhaps I just take that long to de-compress and become a bit more normal.

The old biological tock has been tick-tocking and has manifested itself via some rhubarb muffins this morning, the completion of one project and near completion of a second. I’ve so enjoyed actually working on something that has a product at the end, one where you can see the progress while you’re working on it. Ok, and something that’s for a little person.
model required!

The second project is a smock or (more…)