The due date that never was

And here we are, the due date week. And I’m ok, I made it. I’m not crumbling or distraught or crying or..well, I’m not being dramatic. Wow. Who’d have thunk it?

I had worried that I might fall into a bit of a depression, a bit of a  black hole of ‘what if’. Earlier this month I couldn’t help but think that I shouldn’t be planning to take a trip overseas, and instead should be nesting and getting ready for a new arrival. I thought that maybe it would be too hard to think about this week, about what could and should have been.

Instead? I’m relieved that this heavy week of work is over, happy to take some time out while I figure out what’s next, and giddy with excitement over seeing my family next week. My Dad! I’m going to see my Dad! Is there anything better than a Dad hug? I didn’t think so.

So posting will be light over the next week, if at all. Keep and eye out on twitter though.  I’ll be there for sure.

I’ll be taking some time to see the new tricks that neices can do, discuss the possibility of rocket ships with nephews, and meet new family members born just months ago. I’ll dance in celebration of a cousins wedding, and listen to the stories of wise grandparents. Hear the laughter and warmth of family that I miss too often way down here in the southern hemisphere.

Of course, there will be pictures and stories and memories to tell later. All in good time.

p.s. pack your balaclavas away, theives. we have 3 cats ready to cuddle maul you to death and friends house-sitting. plans to steal our used lounge suite and telephone bill? thwarted!

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  • Have a fabulous week! Say hi to your mum and dad for me. I’m glad you have positive things to focus on this week.

  • A Positive Focus is always good hun!

  • I know exactly how you feel. My baby’s due date (that never was) passed May 29th, I was so busy but a little hollow. I didn’t break though, it was weird……..I am hoping for positive things coming your way!