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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

It’s a drizzling Thursday morning, and Eric, Danny, and I are watching raindrops as we drive to school. “Can you hear the rain, boys?” I ask as we stop at a red light, pointing to my ear and listening to the patter of raindrops on the roof of the car.

“Yeah, Mommy!” Eric exclaimed, pointing out the window. “Look! There’s rain on my door! And on Danny’s door, and on Daddy’s door, and on your door too!”

“That’s right, Eric! There’s rain on all of our doors, and (more…)


Cheese and What?

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

I love picking my daughter up from preschool. I love hearing about what she did and how much fun she has. Today, she told me she had a great snack.

“I can tell,” I said. “It’s still all over your face. What was it?”

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “It was cheese and crappers.”


Wool Week Finale: Video

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

woolweek copyThis post is part of “All About Wool Week” on Dirty Diaper Laundry.

I hope everyone has enjoyed “All About Wool Week here on Dirty Diaper Laundry.  This was an experiment for me.  Trying wool for the first time was both overwhelming and exciting.  Turns out, wool isn’t the complicated cloth diaper solution you think it is.  I’m so grateful to the many companies who sent their diapers for me to test, as well as the companies who are sponsoring giveaways.  If you haven’t already, make sure you enter the great giveaways going on for Wool Week, which are all listed on the right.

Since I like to show you the diapers on video, here is a short overview (more…)

How to Lanolize Your Wool. A Quick Video Guide.

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

woolweek copy This post is part of “All About Wool Week”

Lanolizing wool seems complicated but it is truly simple!  Don’t over think it!  I did tons of research before I set about lanolizing my covers for the first time.  While I always, always encourage people to do their research I think over researching can be a bad thing.  If you spend hours reading about washing and lanolizing wool it seems like a feat!  I hope the video shows you how easy it can be, although I am silly and thought I was recording portions of it but actually wasn’t!  Here is what I do: (more…)


if home is where the heart is, what’s this place?

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

If home is where the heart is, sometimes my home is not where I am. I miss a Tim Horton’s drive-thru, a car with a dozen more cup-holders than you’ll ever need, browsing Old Navy, having friends to drop in on that have known you for years.

I know that if we moved back to Canada, it would mean starting all over again. Those friends, they have lives they’ve been building for the past 8 years too. Tim Horton’s would soon be taken for granted, as would (more…)

Gap Casting Call

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

Someone suggested that I enter Ian in the Gap Casting Call so I did but being the unbiased mother that I am, I had to enter all 3. The links are below. Yes, you have to register. If you don’t mind doing that, we would really appreciate your vote. This is the 1st time I have entered the kids in any contest.

Ian Entry #1
Ian Entry #2
Ian Entry #3
Gabi Entry #1
Sofi Entry #1

You can vote once a day. PLEASE help us out!

Well, SOMEBODY’S Ducks ARE NOT in a Row

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

Go ahead, ask me how I spent a nice large chunk of my day.

Well, how nice of you to ask. I spent a nice chunk of my day going back and forth arguing with the records keeper at Zach’s school and the records keepers at the Health Department. See to start the whole mess off, our doctor does not give immunizations, so I had to take the boys to the Health Department for their’s when they were little. By the time Zach was finishing all his before 5 years ones, and Ryan was on like the second round of shots I decided that my children would not be getting further immunizations. People had started saying they led to Autism, and since boys have a higher chance of becoming Autistic I decided that wasn’t something I wanted to chance. Zach was able to register for school last year without the 5 year old round of shots because he wouldn’t be turning 5 until the school year was over, at which point I promptly forgot about shots.

Well, the school called me at the end of August to inform me that Zach needed to get a physical and his last set of shots. I informed them ok to the physical, but he’s not getting that last shot. They then told me, Tipton County does not allow students to attend who do not have their immunizations and do not have religious or medical documentation for not having them. I figured what the hay, its not worth it, and talk has gone down a lot about the immunization/Autism link. Zach got his physical and while we were there his doctor said he wanted to see Bella next week, not in October like planned. I made Zach an appointment at the Health Dept. for his shots for the next week too. Bella’s appointment came first, and after that I didn’t give a flying fig about some shots I didn’t want him to have anyway.

Well, Zach’s schooled called yesterday saying if Zach’s immunization is not brought up to date by October 1st he will not be able to return to school. The lady was getting very angry at me, as if I somehow tricked them into letting him attend without the physical and shot records being up to date. And for the first time (from this lady) I hear this gosh awful phrase, “Well, sweetie, we just need to get all our ducks in a row.” (hear that with a thick Southern accent)
So I try for two freaking hours this morning to reach the Health Department, finally do, and actually get to talking to the appointment lady, and do you know what she tells me? “Our records show that Zachary has already gotten the full amounts of each immunization.” Um, hold the phone, noooo he hasn’t. I give her Zach’s social and ask her to check to make sure she has the right one, because I know for a fact I never took him for 5 year old shots. She says yes she does and for medical reasons Zach got them with other shots or something. She tells me to call the school back and talk to them. Call the school back talk to the lady I did the day before, and hear the duck phrase twice more. She says he needs DPT and polio. Call Health Department again, they say no he doesn’t. Do this twice more, with duck phrase during both other calls. By the time I hang up the phone saying screw it, he’ll go in for me and the nurse to look over his chart and she can then talk to the school or just re-give him these shots, and start Ryan’s back up so he can go to school next year. And I’m thinking the school can get all the freaking ducks, cows, sheep, goats, pig, and whatever the heck they want in a row, but my records are freaking correct and they need to just get the heck over it.


Oh brother

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

1978 – I was 5 and he was 4, we played together because that’s what you do at 5 and 4. In the backyard, breeze blowing, watched by my grandparents.

1992 – I was 17, he was 16. My parents worried, me confused, he was in the hospital for having self-destructing thoughts. He wouldn’t talk to me, look at me.

1996 – I was 23, he was 22. Both of us students, neither of us talking. If asked, I’m not sure (more…)

Dancing Queen

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

Lately I’ve been fascinated at all the things that Violet is picking up and I’ve enjoyed just sitting on the floor with her watching her go about doing her little thing. A couple weeks ago she started “dancing” whenever certain songs come on and eventually she would start shaking and wiggling whenever I asked her to dance – I love it! When Jacob was little we didn’t take very many videos of him despite the fact that we had a shiny new video camera to use so I’ve been trying really hard to get some good video of this baby stage when Violet’s changing so quickly, learning things so fast, and just plain cute! Take a peek at my little dancing queen!

Play All Day Snapping Merino Wool Cover Review

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by by

woolweek copy This post is part of “All About Wool Week”

Play All Day Diapers was a brand that I “shockingly” had never heard of.  How it escaped my diaper radar is beyond me.  Play All Day Diapers are back to basics.  They come in earthy tones, or even just natural un-dyed, and are meant to be a functional diaper with no frills.

playdI was given a Certified Organic Merino Wool Cover with snaps to test out.  This one was natural, completely undyed.  If I felt the notion I could dye it myself with kool-aid, something I haven’t tried yet but may in the future.  The diaper has three snaps on each flap, and one snap for crossing the tabs over.  It only comes in two sizes, NB/S and M/L.  I have the M/L version, which fits my son well at 10 months and 20 pounds.

I had a good experience with (more…)