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My world stopped spinning for a minute.  Mom?  Who, me???  You mean, Mama???  MOM?!  Already?!!?!  He’s two.  How am I already mom???  It stuck around all day long!  The occasional “Mama” would get thrown around here and there, but yesterday, I became mom.  And Dustin?  Well, he was “dad” upon arrival home from work.  And that also stuck.  He is also called “Dustin” on occasion.  Like when it’s time to eat.  I guess I’ve yelled “DUSTIN!” down the stairs enough times that Lawson picked it up, cause that’s been going on for about six months or so.

So, I’d like to introduce myself.  I am “mom.”  It’s a new title for me and one I’m still adjusting to.  I was even reprimanded as such in public my first day on the job.  I was touching the screen of a touchscreen computer I was looking at and he knows it is naughty to touch the screen at home.  So, from the stroller seat, he proclaimed, Mom, no!  Naughty!!!”  The old man next to me seemed to get a kick out of it, but it was all kinds of strange for me!  If I’m honest, it’s a bit sad for me to be “mom” already.  I thought that was reserved for parents of BIG kids.  It seems we’re headed that direction a little faster than I realized. Thankfully I still have one who, for the most part, refers to me as, “WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” So, I’ve still got some time to be “mama” for her.

But for Lawson, I am “Mom.”
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….it just sounds stranger each time……

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  1. avatar Rachel says:

    Awww! I can so relate to this. I have been “mom” since Daniel started talking because he just followed along with what my older kids call me. Now occasionally, I’m “Rachel” because of the step-kids.

  2. avatar Kel says:

    Aw, so tough sometimes! Eric went through a phase around 2-2.5 of calling me Mom, but thankfully he went back to Mommy <3 Maybe Lawson will do the same!

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