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Review: Momover: The New Mom’s Guide to Getting It Back Together (even if you never had it in the first place!)

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by by

I loved the title of this book which is why I wanted to review it.  Momover was written by Dana Wood, a health and beauty journalist.  What I liked about this book was that it wasn’t really a mommy advice book.  To me it was about having a life again.  Even though I gave birth to my first child ages ago, I still haven’t gotten my old pre-baby body back.  I still feel like “the mom” most of the time and don’t feel as attractive as I did before I had kids.  Some of the things this book talked about were getting your body back, but it wasn’t just about that.  The book was divided into three sections – getting it together mentally, getting it together physically, and getting it together emotionally and spiritually.

I didn’t really need the section on getting it together mentally.  I have four kids and haven’t had a baby in a while, but I thought that it had a lot of good advice for new moms.  What I most wanted to read was (more…)


I live with pigs.

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by by

I think every other person in my house is blind, or at least blind to the mess that they leave behind, walk over, walk around, sit on top of, or ignore. I also think I am the only one in this house who knows what the dishwasher is for and what to do with it. You see, even if the dishwasher is completely empty, the dirty dishes still get placed in the sink. I just don’t get it. If I use a dish, I put it in the dishwasher when I’m done with it. If the dishwasher happens to be full of clean things, I empty it so that I can put my dirty dish in it. And (more…)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by by

I woke up Saturday morning feeling fabulous. I seriously felt better than I had since becoming pregnant. I spent some time in the afternoon sitting outside on a blanket reading, just enjoying the weather. It had been a long winter, and having warm, dry weather was wonderful.

My upstairs neighbor’s mother had come to visit her. Her mother was a labor and delivery nurse, and when I told her that I felt so good, she told me she’d expect me to go into labor within the next couple of days. I didn’t know if I believed it, but she swore up and down (more…)

The 411 on Cloth Diapering

Friday, April 30th, 2010 by by

I found a while back when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with Logan, and I really wish I would have found it sooner! Its not only taught me a lot of things I would have otherwise had no clue about, mainly products like the Moby Wrap and Sophie the Giraffe (two things I adore), but its also given me lots of advice. So when I first heard about people cloth diapering, I don’t recall even opening the thread. I looked at my husband one day, shortly after Logan’s birth, and said “Cloth diapering??” and he had the same gross expression on his face as me. It was definitely out for us.

Well later on I started actually opening those threads, and doing research of my own. I came to find out, that you don’t even need pins these days!! If you really want the ease of (more…)


Tandem Nursing… or…. what have I gotten myself into?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

Let me first say that I love breastfeeding.  And I love that I have been able to nurse my son for 17 months now.  I never thought we would make it this far.  I was happy to see six months, then a year.  Then a few months after he turned one I found out I was expecting.  It wasn’t a shock; we weren’t trying but we weren’t preventing either.  I didn’t even have my first postpartum period until 5 days after my son’s first birthday.  With extra long cycles I had only had two before I took that test.  I feel very fortunate that we were able to get pregnant while I was breastfeeding at all!  I do not take my fertility for granted one bit because I know others who struggle.

After the idea of being pregnant settled into my brain it hit me: my son is still nursing like a fiend.  I knew weaning wasn’t an immediate option, though not out of the realm of possibility.  I had already hit my earliest set goal of one year.  I understood making it to two years is what is recommended and I fully expected to reach it.  When I found out I was pregnant my son was nursing on demand 3-8 times a day and sometimes at night.  He had reached a stage where he was mobile and would walk over to me and lift my shirt.  If I were bra-less (usually this was normal early in the morning before I had a shower) he had free access to “milkies.”

Frankly, this wasn’t my style.  I was happy to nurse (more…)

Eeeww boys are icky

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

Having been blessed with having two boys and two girls that were born in boy girl order, I have never really experienced what it was like to have a house full of all boys or all girls. I have been around moms that ONLY want to have girls though. I am sure there are moms out there that only want to have boys and aren’t interested in having girls, but I have met more women that only want girls and I don’t understand it.

I remember when I was pregnant for the first time sort of hoping that Jeremy was a girl. Even though I never found out his gender when I was pregnant, I knew he was a boy. I just felt like he was. I remember a friend of mine who was an amateur psychic kept insisting that Jeremy was a boy. I knew deep down he was right but it kind of annoyed me. I didn’t want to know my baby’s gender (if I did I would have found out at the ultrasound not by asking wanna-be psychics) and I wanted to be able to at least think he could be a girl.

I knew Kelly wanted to have a son though, so I thought it would be (more…)

Coping with the Coping.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

I know nothing of my husband’s life from 11pm at night until 7am in the morning.

One time my dad asked how his night went and I about fell off my chair when J told him and about getting kicked in the leg because he had a double ear infection and couldn’t hear the guy coming behind him.

In the beginning of J’s career, I heard more. I remember getting a phone call and hearing my fiancee talk about being the first on the scene of a deadly crash, where he pulled the driver out of the wreckage and held him as he died. That first incident changed my soon to be husband. Changed his approach to our relationship, changed his strategy for separating the two. I remember the clipped, detached way he told me the story- as if he needed to tell someone, but didn’t want to. I haven’t heard that tone of voice come from him again.

I’ve asked J about it- I ask him about his work, and I hear his complaints about officials or the way they do things, his ideas for making it better, his interaction with people. I don’t hear anything concerning actual police work (more…)


The what ifs…

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

I sit here watching my children play and I’m grateful for them. But at the same time I think of the What If’s…What if the first baby would’ve made it? What if we would’ve have a girl first? What if that baby would’ve stuck, would we have gone to Texas or just stayed here? What if…

It’s weird to think that we would have a 4yr old already. If that baby would’ve stuck and been a girl I wouldn’t have my Shaymee. And now after recent events its odd to think that we would’ve most likely had another reason to be joyful at Christmas time. The mind wonders, sometimes good and sometimes bad.

But tonight I want to say I’m thankful for my children. I want to send hugs to those with infertility and those that have had losses. It’s never easy no matter who you are. (more…)

Our couch, the jungle gym.

Thursday, April 29th, 2010 by by

It is going to be a sweet day when we go to someone’s home & the kids start climbing all over the couch. It is their ‘favorite’ toy. Seriously. They can climb on & off of it for hours.


Daddy started a game called ‘Baby Loco’. This game consists of the kids getting on the window sill behind the couch, flinging themselves over the back & Daddy throwing them to the ground. Course, there is a pillow down there for the kids to fall on. They go crazy doing this!

Since the inception of Baby Loco, the kids now try to find anything that will help get them over the couch. Sometimes it is 1 of their chairs, other times it is a stool but most often, it is the little round table. It’s too much like a mini-ladder & perfect for little feet. (more…)

Friday, April 28, 2006

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Four years ago yesterday…
…I was sure I was going to go into labor.  37w5d.  We had gone 30 minutes to Idaho Falls to the wedding reception of a friend of Matt’s.  I was very uncomfortable the whole time, and on the drive home I started having shooting cervical pains.  They were so bad that I was pushing up from my seat of car instinctively in reaction to the pressure.
When we arrived home I went immediately to bed because I was so carsick and so uncomfortable.  Part of me was hoping that if I went to bed I’d wake up in labor.
Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.