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Swaddling: Yes or No, and what to choose?

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

In my ongoing mission to make this next baby sleep better than my first child (we can dream, right?) I am reconsidering my position on swaddling.  My son loved to be swaddled.  He only slept in his crib when he was swaddled, and slept for the longest stretches when wrapped tightly.  But he didn’t want to give it up.  Once he was rolling we had to cut him off cold turkey because frankly my nerves couldn’t take it.  At the time he was *gasp* sleeping in his crib the majority of the night and I checked on him constantly for fear he rolled over and couldn’t breathe.  But the problem was that we lived in an apartment with squeaky floors.  No matter how lightly you stepped you hit a creaking floorboard and it often times that woke him up.  It was awful.  After we stopped swaddling him he woke up every few hours again, down from sleeping in 6 hour stretches.  And it just went downhill from there…. we were laying him in his crib and he fell asleep watching his aquarium, he regressed to nursing to sleep.  Then he just started sleeping with us because I was exhausted.

I am terrified the next baby will rely on swaddling and the transition will ruin him too!  In my son’s baby book he started “sleeping through the night” at a fairly young age.  Til we stopped swaddling.  Then it took him until he was a year old.  Then he stopped again.  I just can’t get an 8 hour stretch of sleep!  I understand newborns aren’t meant to sleep all night, I am ok with that.  I just want to begin (more…)


Emersyn Lily-May’s birth story

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

Wednesday 16th June, at 7am I arrived at the hospital for my elective repeat cesarean. I was taken up to the birthing suite, where they monitored Emersyn’s heartbeat for a couple of minutes, and the midwife who was looking after me did some paperwork. I met with the obstetrician who would be performing my cesarean, and soon after that the anaesthetist came in and introduced himself to me. He had to put my IV in, and that was a bit of a mission – he attempted once in my hand and it didn’t work – and after he removed the cannula, I had a big amount of blood come out of my hand, and land all over his pants & the floor. I hoped it wasn’t a sign of things to come!

9.30am the obstetrician came and told me it was time! We walked down the corridor, to where the operating theatres were, and it was then that it dawned on me – I was having a baby – VERY soon! My sister was going in with me, and had to wait in the corridor, until they had put my spinal in – I gave her a big hug & in I went. As soon as I was in there, the tears came to my eyes, and I felt very overwhelmed – but in an excited way. The OR staff all introduced themselves, they seemed very relaxed and like nice people, so it helped to keep me somewhat calm.

When they put the spinal in, my midwife held my hands & talked to me – I guess to take my mind of the discomfort of the spinal. It didn’t really hurt as such, but it wasn’t something I’d want to do everyday! It felt like it took forever to get administered, but it was probably only a couple of minutes. Once it was in (more…)

The Art of Compliments

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

Many would think that compliments are simply saying nice words. Sounds easy, right? Not really. I am only bringing this up because it has been the topic of conversation lately in a number of situations. I am not an expert by any means, however, I think I can provide some very good guidelines to giving a proper compliment.

1) Make sure the comment is actually something that cannot be taken in any other way. I mentioned this way back  in another post about what NOT to say to a pregnant women (and if I didn’t, I certainly meant to). Don’t compliment a woman on her belly size, no matter how you mean it. There’s a good chance she’ll take it the opposite. Be clear about what you are trying to say. Instead of, “Your belly is so huge,” and you are meaning, wow that baby really is growing well), say: “You just look so adorable/beautiful/whatever pregnant.” Easy enough. Same goes for other situations.

2) On the same note, make sure the person understands slang. For example, my husband uses the word “sick” to mean incredible. If you didn’t know this, and he were to say (more…)

Worst Cookery Lesson Ever

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

Part one of an occasional series: Misty’s Highly Inaccurate and Vague Recipes!

I love to cook. I adore it. I am at home in the kitchen, randomly boiling or frying or grilling various food to see what happens. I have an issue with following recipes though, the issue being that it’s just not me. I’ll get an idea for something to make, I’ll look up about three or four recipes online and then I’ll just decide that I have a better idea and totally ignore the recipe.

This is good and bad – it means I don’t have a diva-like strop if I (more…)



Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

So, a few months ago we made reservations at Rudd’s Creek Campground since my family was also going to be staying there.  We had family come in from New York, New Mexico and everyone from our area met up!  It is something that we have been doing something during the month of July for many years.

This past weekend was the weekend that we made that trek to the Campground. But have I told you that the past two weeks here in Virginia have been absolutely miserable.  MISERABLE.  I am not even sure if that is the right word to use, but it has been HOT.  It probably has been the hottest here it has been in many, many years.  I remember watching the 11PM news and they were saying if it stayed above 80 degrees by midnight, we would break a record for the hottest in 12 hours.  It was crazy.

Do you know that we stayed in the camper pretty much the entire time.  It was too HOT.  I had Sister E and Baby B with us, and Big Sister J was with her dad.  It was so bad that (more…)

Belly and the Cuppy Cake Mix

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

Woo, look at me! I’m helping Mommy cook!


Hey, what’s this? Mommy thinks I (more…)

Soccer Camp: Thursday

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

“So… Soccer Camp today, Bob?”

“No. No thank you.”

“I had a feeling. Tomorrow’s the last day, you know.”

“Forever?” (more…)



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My sister-in-law delivered  a baby girl yesterday.  I didn’t realize until my brother called me to tell me that she was in labor just how anxious I was starting to get as she approached my loss point.  That day in her pregnancy would have been Saturday night/Sunday morning.  When I realized that she was in the hospital and on monitors and such things, and everything would more than likely be okay from then on out, I realized just how relieved I was.  I have been anxious the past couple of days, but didn’t know why.

It’s strange how I project my anxieties onto others’ pregnancies, when I’m emotionally involved.

Izzy was born yesterday evening, weighing 6lbs1oz and 17in long.  And I am so glad she’s here safely and healthy, that I am near tears.

Little Opportunities for Big Language

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

Working on language opportunities with Danny is a constant challenge. We try – boy, do we try – but with an almost-4 year old that likes desires needs to be the center of attention, it seems like more often than not I try to engage Danny in some play therapy and end up with Eric in my face and Danny wandered off to some other activity on his own.


So when I found myself and Danny in my bedroom, alone, Eric downstairs watching TV, I jumped on it. There was no therapy set up. There were no beginning language sounds or lings or books. It was me, Danny, and the cell phone that had fallen out of my pocket.

So, when he picked up my phone and started to (more…)

My mother

Friday, July 30th, 2010 by by

used every opportunity to teach a lesson.  She’s such a teacher. I found this today going through a box of photos.  I have recently connected with several friends on Facebook, from my teen years so I’ve been finding photos from that era and posting them.

I don’t know when I wrote this, but I’m certain my brother really pissed me off that day.

The writing at the top, which I attempted to erase says “The devil hates Philip too.  Are you on his side?”  So typical of my mom.