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Change of tone

Within a few weeks the content of my blog will be changing some. I’ll still talk about our angels, but the ttc aspect will no longer be here. We are done with medical assistance after tomorrow. If tomorrow’s IUI does not work, we will be moving to adoption and that will be my main focus here. If it DOES work, then hallelujah I’ll get to talk about pregnancy fears.

Today, I’ve already killed my phone battery. I had to call and cancel a job for tomorrow because of the IUI. I then called on some adoption options and of course called Chris at work to discuss it all. I have another call to make and hope to be sharing more details soon.

3 Responses to “Change of tone”

  1. avatar Kel says:

    Good luck, Augie! Whatever journey you start on tomorrow, it’s bound to be an amazing one.

  2. avatar Valerie says:

    Totally agree! Best of luck to you!

  3. avatar Augie says:

    Thanks ladies!

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