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The Great Cloth Diaper Change- Syracuse, NY 2011

Friday, April 29th, 2011 by by

Yesterday was the big day- The Great Cloth Diaper Change.  This was an attempt to set a Guinness Book of World Records™ for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously around the world.  Since I live in Syracuse, NY I attended an event put on by Basic Baby.  There was also a location on the north side of town and quite a few in the surrounding areas.

The event was held at our local Mall which was nice since this allowed plenty of space, and a chance for a Soy Toffee Nut Latte for me.

It was a very good turn out, 35 babies were changed that day.  I saw tons of cute fluffy diapers!  I had a hard decision to make for what I would be changing my son out of and into.  I chose an Artist Series bumGenius! 4.0 for before, and the Charlie Banana “Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth!” diaper for afterwards.  It was a show stopper and everyone loved it.  In fact, Everett’s butt was plastered on a few news stations and in our Sunday newspaper.

It was nice to be a participant and not a Host.  I was able to mingle and chat with other like minded moms, some I had met before, and some that I hadn’t.  I think the funniest thing was after we were all corralled into the “pen” where only the changer (more…)


A week of Facebook

Friday, April 29th, 2011 by by

So usually when I don’t post a ton during the week I give you a long update going in epic details, but… I’ll be busy cleaning tomorrow (as I’ve been saying for the past two months BUT have to get done) because I have to get Belly’s room cleaned out and ready to move her new room stuff in. lol This be what I’ll do instead, I’ll sum my week up in Facebook updates.

  • so I’m watching Eclipse… and yeah, so far it’s just as stupid as I remembered.
  • Know what sucks? When I go to lay half asleep Belly down for her nap and she starts crying in the most pitiful way saying “No night night. Daddy.” over and over.
  • It’s OK body; I completely and unequivocally hate you too.
  • Crap. I just realized not only did I not send Zach’s spring break journal with him to school, we forgot to do the stupid thing.
  • I hope if I get hit by a tornado that my house lands on a witch. If it doesn’t I will be epically disappointed.
  • Head… today I hate you.
  • Grabbing a quick lunch then heading to the grocery store. Apparently waiting for a break in the rain is pointless.
  • Stupid Spring Break journal. Stupid. I want to see his teacher turn in a journal about her spring break.
  • So after our shower Belly did a ton of pee in the toilet… then while helping her wipe… I accidentally dropped my glasses in the toilet.

For the record, the stupid Spring Break Journal did get done, and the glasses are now cleaned and sanitized.

Fire Bad

Friday, April 29th, 2011 by by

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to thrift – not just for the practical reasons, like clothing 5 kids, but for the sport of it, too.  It’s true what they say – one man’s trash is indeed someone else’s treasure…or diamond in the rough, anyway.

Although I’ve scored some amazing stuff – like Pottery Barn dishes and home decor straight from HomeGoods – some of my favorite things are items that I re-purposed or updated myself.  It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do.

As a result, I often accumulate a stash of “to-do” projects in the garage.  For example, many months ago I scored a set of matching lamp bases from the Goodwill for $3.99 apiece.  Their shape and color were nearly perfect “as is”, but I wasn’t *quite* sure what I wanted to do with them.  All I knew was they had potential, so into the garage they went.

When my friend Katie was tweaking her living room, we decided that one of the lamps would be perfect on her living room coffee table.  We scored a brand new lampshade at a thrift store and VOILA! (more…)

FINALLY!! The Elusive Sweet Shot Captured!!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

For the past two years a chipmunk has been teasing me with cuteness that I was, until now, unable to capture. I tried everything. Sneaking up on it, zoom lens and trying to snap a picture from a mile away, begging it to “just sit still for a second!!”. Nothing. For TWO years! Then, the other day I got lucky. This little creature just loves my tiny pot and hangs out in it all the time……

I love it. Now, if only it will let me hold it, squeeze it and kiss it I’ll be happy. But for now, this will do. :)
Sweet Shot Day


Random Questions and I mean TOTALLY Random

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

Here are a few things that I have wondered lately. Yes, it will be very random, but well, that’s how my mind works (remember Random Thoughts). I probably should just call it, Random complaints by Valerie because well, that’s pretty much what it is.
1) Why in the world do they wrap DVDs in cellophane and then put those stupid seals on ALL. 3. EGDES???
2) Why do they now screw toys into the packaging? Was it not enough to put those silly twisty thingies on them? It was already part of my exercise routine wrestling things out of the package and NOW I need a tool?
3) Am I the only person that doesn’t get The Office?
4) Do people actually have children that sleep in? None of my friends nearby do, but I see FB friends that seem to post all night so their children have to let them sleep, right?
5) Will Sesame Street ever create more than 5 episodes a season or should I just plan on watching the same ones with Will until he outgrows it?
6) Have thank you notes gone out of style? Would it be rude to actually ask if someone received a gift? I am just curious. Really! (more…)

It’s Okay to Suck

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

This isn’t going to be a long post, since it is 1am… I just felt inspired to write this to every other mompreneur out there, burning the midnight oil right now.

When you’re starting or running your own business, working on a new project, launching a new product, or even just getting through the day – its okay to suck at the whole work/life balance thing.

It’s just something we, as mompreneurs, have to accept.

Yes, some people consider us the “superheroes” of our generation. We take care of the kids, keep a nice house, and build multi-million dollar companies – all without breaking a sweat. It looks – well, it looks perfect.

But from the inside… Well, inside the life of a mompreneur, you have moments like the one I’m having now:

Sitting on the living room floor on your laptop, writing and responding to emails, nervously looking at your giant to-do list while your husband drifts off watching movies, your daughter sleeps, the laundry that has been waiting to be folded for 3 days stares at you from across the room, and all you can think is “when did I actually sleep 8 hours – let alone 8 hours straight?”

Your dishes aren’t always going to be cleaned the second you need them to. Dinner might have to wait 20 minutes in the middle of a conference call. The dog might have to sit on the porch for an extra 3 minutes while you respond to an email, and your family may have to occupy themselves once in awhile when you have to work late. (more…)

Day 9 of 60/300

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

Today I spent the morning working on my new coupon binder. I totally rehauled it and I love the way it looks! I haven’t had much time to work on it so I put some CSI on this morning and worked for a bit. Afterwards I got to reorganizing the playroom and sorting books. I need to get the books sorted prior to the yard sale. Thus far I’m about 1/3rd of the way through and this is the pile of books to be sold/donated

There is nearly three times this amount that is going back on the shelves so far, and I still have three shelving units to sort through.
I used to have my diapers housed in toy bins but I want to get the box cubicles with the baskets so I removed all my diapers and donated my toy bins to the kids playroom – thus freeing up numerous bins in the playroom. It was like toy bin shuffle. I haven’t bought the cubicles yet so right now my diapers are residing on the recliner in my room (more…)


Two years ago…

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

My stubborn beautiful baby girl finally arrived after getting my second induction in 2 days.

Happy birthday my Bellarina Belly Button Pudding Pie!!!!

Is She 4 YET?!?!

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

It’s no secret that I kinda don’t like the 2′s, but we all know how I feel about the 3′s. I despise them. I wish I could skip that age completely. At 2 they don’t really understand yet and they’re pushing boundaries, talking back and the dreaded “MINE!!!” phase. And then they turn 3 and all Hell breaks loose. It’s exhausting. Lo has reached the 3′s early. I don’t even know what to do or say to her at times. I’ve had to threaten her with spankings! Thankfully just the threat is enough…..for now. I’m still holding out hope that she will be different than my other 2, but I doubt it. I’m not that lucky. I was lucky that she was a delightful baby that slept well, ate well and never cried. I was also kind of lucky that she was delayed in the crawling/walking phase. I couldn’t imagine having 2 crazy children running around the house at the same time. Lex was plenty!! But I’m paying for it now. She’s a hellion!! But a super cute hellion…..



Thursday, April 28th, 2011 by by

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“This is a good day for swim class, Mom. It’s so super, extra, very, hot.”

“It’s pretty warm.”

“It’s so hot it feels like the whole world is on fire.”

“Bob, do you know what hyperbole means?”


“I think you do.”