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If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away…

We were out eating lunch today, and Erin started talking about sisters.  She told me she had one sister, and I explained to her that she actually had two, because Cora was her sister as well as Allison.  She knows about Cora, but I guess it just hasn’t registered that she’s her sister too.  Anyway, she asked if we could go visit her (which reminded me of the song at the end of this post).  I had to explain that you can’t go visit Heaven, it’s just not possible.  That made her sad, and with a little pout she said to me “I miss her, Mommy.”

Through the tears I could only answer, “I miss her, too.”  *sigh*

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  1. avatar Tierra says:

    I lost my little girl too and it still really hard to think about it.
    I was 28 weeks when shes was born

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