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The "Pleasures" of Being a Mom

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 by by

As a new mom, I do a lot of thinking about my own mother and how she raised me. I ALSO do a lot of thinking about what kind of kid I was growing up and speculate on how my daughter may turn out. Then, of course, I think of all those things I did growing up that probably just about killed my mom.

*Like the time my sister and I took turns wearing roller blades and pulling the other one around by sticking the plunger to the other’s tummy. I can just imagine my mom about threw up when she saw us.

*Like taking every folding chair and table out, plus every blanket not already on a bed outside to build forts – and then it started to rain.

*Like how my brothers and I would build a pile of pillows at the bottom of the stairs and see how high we could jump from without getting hurt.

*How I cut my hair to the root when it stuck out at the wrong angle (and blamed it on a neighbor, I might add).

*How we would pull the trampoline up next to the house and jump out of bedroom windows onto it.

*Or, even better, about how once I turned into a teen, I took my daily shower using three clean towels, every day. No re-use. Meaning I put 3 towels every time I showered into the dirty laundry… Good thing that I had a big family, so my mom could never truly identify me as the culprit.

So, I can’t help but imagine what on earth my little one is going to grow up doing. I wonder, sometimes, how on earth she survived each day knowing what HER little ones would sneak off to do. But, since it didn’t kill her – maybe I’ve got a chance.

What’s the worst thing you can remember doing as a kid that probably just made your mom want to throw up?


Killer Imperfection

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 by by

At least once a week, I read a couple of fantasy blogs where mothers sort their kids’ Legos by color and re-pour the extra paint in their garages into smaller cans decorated with hand-made, personally designed labels, and I swear – SWEAR- that I’m going to pull myself together and get my life more organized.

I studied the “daily schedule” templates and “cleaning schedule” lists of other perfect bloggers and decided that all my life needed was a bit of a regimen.  All I needed was a spiral notebook and a dose of good, old-fashioned can-do spirit.  All I needed was was a will and “the way” would surely follow.

Well, you know what I really need?  To live alone.  THAT, my friends, is the only way my life will ever have order, routine, and structure.


Yesterday it was blustery, but I was determined to get Kellan and Larissa outside for a while.  On my to-do list, I had the idea to border a small area outside my back door with stones from the woods behind our house.  Kellan and Riss love digging in the dirt, so we got bundled up and I had them sold on my idea.  Seconds later, I was traveling back and forth between the woods and whatever area of the yard the two of them were currently bickering in.  Their interest in helping me was NIL.  They were far more preoccupied by arguing over a deflated volleyball and negotiating like a couple of teamsters over two IDENTICAL swings.  What should have been an enjoyable half hour project took over one hour, as in addition to refereeing their disputes, I had to stop them from systematically emptying the garage refrigerator.  Even though we’d just eaten lunch, those kids were “staaaarving.” The second I took my eyes off of them, they had opened 6 juice boxes, torn the tops off three yogurts, dragged out a bag of popsicles, and devoured a sleeve of cookies.

Whoever built Stonehenge  surely did not have children.


Carrots For Breakfast!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 by by

Before you think I am a really healthy person, I should clarify it’s Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze for breakfast!

Have I mentioned before that I HEART Pancakes!  Pancakes can be whatever you want them to be:breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, appetizer, dessert, cute, hearty, light…… (more…)

Little Leila Jane

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 by by

On March 30th (her due date), at 10:27am, a wonderful, sweet little girl named Leila entered the world and joined our family. She weighed 7.13 pounds and measured 20 inches long. Her big brothers, Noah and Jacob, were excited to meet her, as was her big sister Emily.

My mother and father (her Oma and Opa) came to visit her right away. Her other grandparents, Nanny and Grand-Dad, would have loved to meet her right away but live in Kelowna. They are excited to meet her in May, when they come to visit.

Her Aunt Krista, Uncle Scott, and cousins Kacey and Mackenzie were also excited to welcome her. We all adore her. (more…)


Smacksy Sunday Links

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 by by
Into the belly of the whale.

If you didn’t get to see this floating around the internet this week, you really must.

I love tiny house stories.

And this is a delightful bit of ennui.

Happy Sunday.

Day 4: Real Simple, Real Cute!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 by by

Real Simple Real Diapers for Babies – Health benefits, cloth diapers in hospitals, or cloth diapers in day cares.

Photo Credits: Nicki’s Diapers

For Cloth Diapers in Day Cares… We have not tried, but last week I send emails and left messages with a few in my area and haven’t received any response from any of them. I take that as them saying, “Don’t call back the crazy lady!” hahaha. That also goes for using cloth in hospitals. I reached out to them last week, and again today via Facebook and Twitter, and no response back from them as well. I will ask my OB/GYN when I have my next appointment and see if he knows anything or who I can contact about that.

Then we move on to the Health Benefits of using Cloth Diapers! There are so many health benefits to using cloth diapers! (more…)

Day 3: Real Simple, Real Cheap

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 by by

Today is all about how your baby can be stylish, eco-friendly, and dry without breaking the bank. Whether you choose to use disposables or cloth (we do buy disposables for night time), it’s always a goal to save some money while doing it. I live in a very low income area, and when I go grocery shopping, I see a lot of families buying generic. While that might be cheaper, if they just did a bit of price comparison and clipped a few coupons, they could get the brands they love at the same or cheaper price. (I love saving!) Same thing with cloth diapers.

Also, think about Cloth Diapers as an investment. We have been using cloth for almost three years, and all but maybe one are practically like new! The new baby will be using the same diapers! So, if you know babies are still in your family’s future, they will be able to use them as well. I wouldn’t sell/trade until you are done in the baby making department. Imagine the savings with new additions! You can splurge on a few, but you won’t have to buy a whole new stash of diapers like you have to with disposables! Here are a few tips on how you can get an awesome cloth diaper stash and save money. (more…)


School blues

Saturday, April 21st, 2012 by by

Haven had her school pictures taken.  She is just getting so grown up.  I can’t believe she’s 8 years old.  It’s amazing and crazy at the same time.  She loves these hair flowers she gets from her Uncle Kevin in Hawaii.  She has one for every outfit in most colors.

Maybe some moms out there can help me with something.  For the first time ever, Haven does not want to go to school anymore.  We (dad and I) really like this school for it’s educational values, but Haven is having a really rough time with the kids suddenly.  Many of the girls are picking on her or making fun of her, kids are blaming her for “stealing” from them, saying she called another girl “fat,” and now all the kids call her rude and mean.  I really don’t know what to do.  Haven has always loved school and would rather be at school, but now she doesn’t want to go at all.  She says she is told to handle it on her own, and she is trying to do that but doesn’t know how when all the kids believe the other kids.  She told me after school yesterday that she can’t believe she has to go for another 6 weeks…that she’s counting down the days when she doesn’t have to go back.  This makes me seriously sad.  I’d rather home school her then have her not like learning and going to school.

So please, if anyone has any help or advice for me here, send it my way.  I’m not sure how to help her except to tell her to ignore them and focus on her studies.  But reading about horrible teenagers in the news lately, I don’t want her to grow up – end up in high school with no friends – being made fun of – and then going berserk.

Cloth Diapers: Real Simple, Real Risks

Friday, April 20th, 2012 by by

So day 2 is all about Waste Reduction (Environmental benefits & Elimination Communication)! Waste reduction is just a plus for most families. A good portion of families who use cloth diapers chose it for cost purposes, not for environmental benefits. But we should really look at that aspect when considering using Cloth. And, for those families who chose to cloth for cost purposes, you should look into Elimination Communication, because that will save you TONS more cash!

Now I can go on and on about how Eco-Friendly using cloth is, but instead….

Using Disposables:

  1. Sodium polycrylate, and dioxin = Toxic shock syndrome, allergic reaction, damage central nervous system, kidneys and liver.
  2. Consumer Protection Agency has received reports of chemical burns, noxious chemical and insecticide odors, choking on tabs and lining of the diaper.
  3. Babies have a 54% chance of getting diaper rashes, and since families have been choosing disposables more often, the percentage of rashes increased from 7.1% to 61%
  4. (more…)

Recipe: Chicken Stir Fry

Friday, April 20th, 2012 by by

Do you struggle with ideas for dinner?  Well, this is a simple yet satisfying recipe that your whole family will enjoy.  It is also so very versatile, so you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand.

This is also one of those meals that has several steps but isn’t hard at all.

Because of the versatility of this recipe, you can vary the amounts of these ingredients as well. I’m just estimating what was used since I don’t measure with this throw together recipe.


3 chicken tenderloins, chopped into chunks
1 medium onion, cut in small pieces
2 handfuls of baby carrots, chopped into medium chunks
2 medium zucchinis, sliced
Small bag of asparagus, chopped into one inch pieces after being trimmed
1/2 cup of leftover basmati rice
3 eggs
2 tablespoons soy sauce or to taste
Olive oil
Canola oil

Instructions: (more…)