10 Easy and Frugal Kids Christmas Activities

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it’s quickly become my children’s favorite too. They love learning about the reason for the season and participating in the many fun events around town. We try to bring some Christmas fun home too by planning Christmas and winter themed activities for the kids to enjoy.  Here are some of our favorites. Being that this is Mess For Less, they are all easy and won’t break the budget. After all, we spend enough at Christmas.

Glitter Snowflakes

All kids love glitter and these really brighten up the house!

Making Snowmen with Hair Curlers

Foam pieces, glue and hair curlers all from the dollar store.

Kid Made Christmas Ornaments

A fun and frugal way to decorate the tree.

Christmas Tree Bread

A cookie cutter, milk, food coloring and candy. Super simple treat!

Christmas Tree Math Game

Christmas fun and math combined. This is a great portable game you can take anywhere.

Christmas Play Dough

Turn ordinary play dough and beads into a Christmas sensory experience.

Make Your Own Glitter Ornaments

These ornaments cost less that $2 each. They make a great gift or even a fun way to adorn a package.

Shaving Cream Christmas Trees

We all have shaving cream at home. Use it to decorate these pretty trees. It provides a fun sensory experience for little hands.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

These make a great teacher’s gift, and the best part is little ones can help make them.

Snow Scene with Shredded Paper

You can buy at the dollar store or shred some paper yourself.

I hope you found something on this list to keep you busy. Stay tuned in the coming days for more Christmas fun on Mess For Less!


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