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Thinking About THE WORD

I was too lazy to come up with a better image, but gorillas can sure look pensive, no?
This year, coming up with my ONE WORD feels hard.  I’m compiling a list of goals for myself, but what I really want my word to embody is the way I want to feel in the new year – and so far I’m not sure that feeling has a word.  Well…I’m sure it does, I just haven’t found it yet.  When I do, you’ll be the first to know ;)

While I work out the details, here’s a look at the last three years of words:

One word 2010

One word 2011

One Word 2012

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  1. avatar Susie says:

    i think my one word is HAPPY! i just want to be happy. i have two goals: 1) lose weight 2) sort out my finances.

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