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Homemade Spaghetti Recipe *Kid-Friendly*

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Happy Thursday! Who’s ready for Friday? I probably say it too much, bur Friday is like any other day for most moms… but tomorrow I am excited! We’ll be going on a road trip to take the girls to a different park, have a pic-nic and visit the mall and carousel. Because of that we’ve been saving money to get the girls a little treat while we’re there and cooking and eating at home more often than not. We eat at home the majority of the time, and we did eat out once this week when we went to run some errands out of town as well.

So I thought I’d share a recipe that I used a few weeks ago to keep your costs low and make a few meals during the week with this. You just have to add the protein and carbs! (more…)


Smacksy Saturday Photo: Dog(s) Tired

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Woof. Yawn.

Breakfast Casserole Recipe

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Breakfast Casserole Recipe - Cheese, bacon, potatoes and eggs. So yummy and can be made the night before! #recipe, #breakfast

I made this breakfast casserole recipe a few weeks ago for a MOPS meeting and it turned out great – cheesy, potato-y bacon-y goodness in a casserole dish. What makes it especially wonderful is that you can assemble the entire thing the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning. Mornings are so hectic – the last thing I want to be doing is putting together a breakfast casserole.

Read on to see how you can make one too!

You will need:

  • 8 oz of bacon, cooked and then crumbled into small pieces
  • 4 cups of shredded hash browns
  • 1 cup of cheese (I used a Mexican blend, cheddar would be great too)
  • 1 can (12oz) of evaporated milk (we used fat free and turned out fine)
  • 1/2 cup of finely chopped onion
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of Lawry’s seasoned salt


Happy Birthday to my Hubby

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 by by

Birthday Dinner 2013
Dear Rob,

Your birthday fell on a Friday this year which was super inconvenient because it seemed that the days that preceded it were a tangled rush of work and school and kids and house and bad weather and illness.  I’d made plans for us to go out that night and at the last minute we almost changed our minds about leaving the house, but I’m glad that I kept the babysitter and stuck to the original plan because we needed that time together.

I always feel badly when it is your birthday or some similar holiday that requires a gift because you are terribly hard to shop for.  You buy yourself the things you want…as well as the things you need (like that underwear off Ebay??!!!)…and that leaves me holding the (empty) gift bag!  I am always at a loss for ideas and I never feel like what I do or give adequately communicates how I feel about you.  Friday I took you to a vegetarian restaurant (apparently the only one for a million miles as I discovered in my 40-minute Google search) because you’ve been so committed to your juice diet and taking care of your health.  (I’m proud of you!)  It was a great meal in a weird little restaurant where we were pretty much the only customers, but (more…)


Walking with you series

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I recently discovered this blog series.  It’s over this week, so I’ll be playing catch-up.

January 7, 2013 ~ Introduction and Where are You Now?
Tell us a little about yourself, your baby, and how you’ve come to this walk. Also, where are you now in your grief and healing? Are you new to this, still in the depths of fresh grief? Have you been walking this path awhile?

I’m Brittanie.  I’ll be turning 30 this year, and am the mother of one sweet angel girl, and 3 rainbows.  Cora Rei was my first baby, and I was so excited to be pregnant.  Unfortunately I have suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum with every one of my of my four pregnancies, pretty much from conception, all the way until delivery.  With my first pregnancy, since it was unexpected, it got pretty severe before I started getting treatment for it.  So my pregnancy with Cora was quite difficult, but I was still so very grateful.  I was due May 14, 2006, which that year happened to be Mother’s Day.  On May 1st (38 weeks and 1 day), I woke up and when I took my shower, Cora didn’t move.   (more…)

Overheard On the Playground

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“Bob and Felix, I have a game for us to play.”

“What is it Desmond?”

“It’s a really good game, but first we’re going to need glasses that can see into the future.”

“That sounds like an awesome game, you guys.”

Toddler Crafting~Writing with a Quill

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Toddler Crafting~Writing with a Quill

We were at a friends Bar Mitzvah this week and they had a great craft to try with kids- writing with a quill.  The activity was to show kids how a scribe writes the prayer for Tefillin.



Breastfeeding is not easier than formula feeding.

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I hear it all the time.  One of the benefits of breastfeeding is that it’s easier than formula.  Definitely some aspects of breastfeeding are easier, but as a whole, the process is not easier.  Sure you don’t have to wash bottles, or cart around powder and water while you’re out and about with your little one.  Sure, you just whip out a boob in the middle of the night as opposed to getting up to mix up or heat up a bottle.  Breast milk is always the right temp and readily available.  And certainly the benefits your child gets from breastfeeding are reward enough, but if one more person tells me how easy their breastfeeding journey was, I think I’m going to scream.

I’ve been a formula feeding mom.  Sarah and James both thrived on formula and though I do regret not having the knowledge that I do now, then, I don’t kick myself over it.  I mean, come on.  It was 1988 and 1991.  There was no internet to get the support I now have.

My breastfeeding journey with Daniel and Keelan were anything but easy and problem free.  My first problems started minutes after Daniel was born and I didn’t know how to get him latch.  Add to that that he was born on a Saturday and there was no lactation consultant on duty (staffed Monday to Friday) and by the time one finally visited my room on Monday shortly before I was being discharged, I had already caved and given him formula.  When my milk came in I did purchase a pump and he was bottled fed breast milk.  I kept offering him the breast and at 3 or 4 weeks I was finally able to get him to latch and we were able to ditch the formula.  However, when he was 8 months old I was going through a touched out phase.  I didn’t know it was a phase at the time and that it would pass if I persevered, so I weaned him and he continued on formula till one.  Daniel has eczema and a peanut allergy and I have to wonder if I didn’t contribute to that with the formula he consumed.  Again, although I regret my decision, I don’t kick myself over it.

When you know better, you do better.  I knew better with Keelan and I was determined to (more…)

Clinging in the pit

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January 14, 2013 ~ Clinging in the Pit

If you are not new to loss, talk a bit about early grief. What was it like, clinging for hope in the pits of despair? What did you cling to for hope? How did you survive the early days? What helped? What do you wish you could share with someone new to this walk, clinging in the pit? If you’re in the pit, currently, share your struggles. What can others do to encourage you?

First of all, I really want to reiterate how sudden it was for us.  Cora was perfectly healthy.  Everything at the ultrasounds looked great, and we always had really great prenatal appointments.  I had worried about miscarriage at the beginning, but after having such a great mid-pregnancy ultrasound (and I asked a LOT of questions and made the tech show me everything), I figured we were in the clear.  I didn’t know stillbirths still happened as often as they do.  So when I woke up that morning and couldn’t get her to respond, even though I knew in my heart what the answer must be, I had convinced myself it couldn’t happen. It took a while for me to be able to get into my doctor and a while longer waiting for them to (more…)

12 Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

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tooth fairy ideas and traditions

My five year old has been counting the days, months, years since he was 3 when he first discovered the tooth fairy via his older brother.  Excitedly, for months on end he will ask for me to check his teeth because they are wobbly. Overtime when brother has lost a tooth he remembers his cause and once again begins to zealously check his teeth for a loose one.

One day, his good friend lost his tooth at school and my son comes home with this pathetic look on his face, his lower lip sticking out and in his most whiny voice says “it’s not fair that I haven’t lost my tooth. All my friends are losing their teeth and I am not.”  In my most trying to be serious face  and concerned mommy voice I say “it will come, don’t worry it will come.”

I am Mexican and in our culture we don’t have the tooth fairy we have (more…)