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Mommy Meme Monday: 9 Parenting Memes That You Can Relate With

Do you ever think you’re alone in the parenting universe? That your kids are the only ones to follow you everywhere you go, do the opposite of what you ask them to, or just behave like children that you do not know? Oh no, you’re not alone. Check out this week’s list of parenting memes that mommies can relate with!

What? You said don’t touch it?


Yeh mama, I’m smarter than that.


An ingenious idea from one fellow mom.


This goes for apples, pears, and strawberries too.


What’s a bathroom break?


Getting them in is a challenge. Getting them out isn’t easy either.


We all love this kind of parenting advice and it’s usually not just for toddlers.


Sniff… sniff… Surprise!


We know that’s right!


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  1. avatar Chantelle says:

    Hahahah, I love this! All of them are so, so, so true!

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