Ice Cream After Hours

Last Thursday  was Open House at Eliza and Kellan’s elementary school.  As usual, Rob got stuck with some work related problem so the entire evening was on me.  Yay!  The event, while fun, is always hot and crowded, especially since it’s the night that all the 4th graders run the Economics Fair.  In a nutshell, every 4th grader has to make 30 items which they then have to sell at Open House.  Let me tell you, it was AWESOME to not be the parent of a 4th grader for once!  On the other hand, my kids were just itching to spend money on painted rocks and pom poms with google eyes.  In order to entice them away from useless spending, I promised ice cream if we left the Open House empty handed.  Thankfully they like ice cream a lot better than painted rocks.

Only problem was, Open House ended at 8:30 which meant that I was feeding five kids ice cream at 9:00 at night.

This is what Riss wore to Open House – glasses (or “nerd glasses” as she calls them) included.  Of course, everyone got a big kick out of her…not that she needs the encouragement!

Weston photo bombed us, but I didn’t care since it’s pretty much the only way I’ll ever get a photo of him.  Too bad for him when nut ball images like these are the only ones I have to use for his graduation party…or wedding.

Same goes for Hayden.  I had to pretend I was taking a picture of myself to fake him out.

Here’s where the sugar kicked in.

That’s Eliza in the background. Most likely she was fleeing the scene because these days everything irritates her…especially her family.

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