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Easy Art Adventures for Toddlers

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by by

Please join me in welcoming Leah who blogs at Simple Home Blessings. If you haven’t visited her yet, you’ll want to do so as soon as you’ve finished reading this post. Leah is a mom to 2 little ones who blogs about the joys of everyday life. She shares wonderful children’s activities that will inspire you, plus some ideas for home making and saving money. I am happy to have her at Mess For Less today sharing some easy ways you can enjoy art with your young child.

Easy Art Adventures

We have noticed our 2-year-old has a kind of artistic bent. She loves (has loved) music from a very early age, is interested in what the instruments do and what sounds they make. She also is very interested in arts and crafts. She loves to color, paint, and otherwise create.

This has become a bit of a challenge for me because I don’t think of myself as artistic. So coming up with ways for her to explore her artistic side without simply coloring has been difficult lately. But I started to explore some very basic art projects and found they were big successes!

She loved creating and seeing something she made and I loved seeing her thrive in the process. So I thought I would put together a list of simple ideas for exploring art with your child (without getting out the crayon bin).

1. Stamping. This was our very earliest venture into art with our little one. We did this when she was 18 months old. I took a simple household sponge and cut a star out of it and used washable paint. We worked for quite some time stamping and getting it just right! We also used cut apples and uncut oranges to explore the possibilities in stamping. This was a great way for her to explore paint for the first time and see the textures created by using items she was familiar with.

stamping with toddlers



Summer Days

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by by

Things at Camp are incredible for my little Bears.  Baby Bear was especially happy that last week that there was Circus Day!


Show BAND-AID® Your Child’s Star Power! (Sponsored)

Monday, July 22nd, 2013 by by

Add a little sunshine to your day by watching this cutie sing BAND-AID®’s famous jingle. If your kid could be the girl singing in this video, record a video of your little star singing BAND-AID®’s jingle by September 2 to BAND-AID® Brand “Stuck on Me” Sing-Along Contest! The grand prize winner will receive a $5,000 Toys ”R” Us gift card. Visit BAND-AID®’s Facebook page to learn how to enter here.

Soft Pretzels Recipe

Friday, July 19th, 2013 by by

Soft pretzel recipe - the kids will love them fresh from the oven!

When I was growing up there was a candy/ice cream truck that would park itself in front of my school at recess. One of the things they would sell were these warm, soft pretzels topped with mustard. Whenever I have soft pretzels (admittedly not very often these days), I am taken back to my childhood. I wanted to make some soft pretzels with my kids and give them the same fond memories. (more…)


The Chiuhuahua vs. The Child

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 by by

I knew that this day would come- rather I hoped it would come. Although I must admit I had mixed emotions about the day my REAL baby would take precedence over my dog baby. I didn’t fully believe it was going to happen. I mean for almost four years this Chihuahua was my life.


Haven visits Oncology

Thursday, July 18th, 2013 by by

Yesterday we spent the morning at Primary Children’s getting more labs.  We checked her IGG levels, Calcium, and did a full panel on the liver.  There are a few questions I had on some things that are requiring a liver check.  We should find out today if we need IVIG this week or not.  They want to push her to a 12 week schedule instead of every 8 weeks.  We found out that she is still on IVIG

What I’m Reading Wednesday

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 by by

There are a lot of bloggers who do a regular  “What I Wore Wednesday” post where they post photos of their outfits for the week.  Sadly, I do not think anyone wants to see consecutive photos of me wearing gym clothes and a 3-day-old ponytail on a regular basis (seriously – Tuesday was the first time in over two weeks that I actually had to put on “real” clothes), so I’m doing “What I’m Reading Wednesday”, because that is one thing I am doing well lately.    Sometimes it takes me a long time to get from one book to the next and other times I read a bunch in quick succesion.  Every now and again I juggle two or three at the same time (which is hard, but happens when I can’t decide what kind of mood I’m in), which is what I’m doing now.  I just finished a couple of great books and I think I need time to breathe and get them out of my system before I delve into something new.

Most of the time I read via my Kindle Reader on my iPad mini, but lately that’s been hard as these days I’ve been spending a lot of time watching tennis or baseball or soccer in the sun, and the iPad doesn’t have glare reduction (is there some way to rectify that?)  Because of that, I picked up a couple of hard cover books at the thrift store and felt super old-fashioned in the process.  After reading electronically for so long, holding an ‘real’ book felt a little awkward.  I actually forgot about things like needing a bookmark because the book wouldn’t automatically open to where I left off.   I know…first world problems… (more…)


Mommy Meme Monday: Baby Names!

Monday, July 15th, 2013 by by

Trying to come up with an original name for your new arrival. Check out these baby name memes that will make you giggle.

Good thing picking a name isn’t like picking an email addresss.


Do you wish you had this guy on your corner?

frabz-raven-is-ours-pick-another-name-46c87c*ol*fz*sw*i59*5*5*20*frabz-Raven-is-ours-Pick-another-name-46c87c.jpg/ (more…)

Summer Reading

Monday, July 15th, 2013 by by

Admittedly, The Older dislikes reading. By “dislike,” I mean the roll-on-the-floor-screaming-when-asked-to-read  type of dislike. It’s one of the biggest struggles here at home, unless there’s a school competition going on or some way to earn things (like our local library’s Read Your Way to the Rays program). I struggle with this every year, so I was so pleased when I found this in Target’s $1 bin!

It’s basically a way for me to see what he’s reading, make sure he understands what he’s reading, and gives him a chance to give his opinion about the book.

I figure if I combine this with local reading programs or programs on the internet like the Scholastic Summer Challenge, we’ll be set!

The Importance of Games for Kids and Our 10 Favorite Games for Preschoolers

Monday, July 15th, 2013 by by

The Importance of Games for Kids plus our 10 favorite games for preschoolers. I can't believe how much kids can learn by playing board games.

Our playroom is stocked with a variety of board games and other fun games for kids. I have even more in the garage as I rotate toys in and out to keep interest high. Why do we have so many games for kids at our house? Well, in addition to being fun, kids learn so much by playing games with adults and each other. Let’s explore what makes games for kids so great.

Games for children

We have been playing games with our kids since they were two years old. This may sound young, but a game of Memory is something even a young child can enjoy. (more…)