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Mommy Meme Monday: Funniest Toddler Memes

Toddlers are funny little people, so we decided to make this week’s memes all about them.

Do you want to know if it belongs to you or your toddler? See rules of possession below.


How much time do you get to eat?



Mmm best martini ever… if you’re a toddler.

Maybe he got a few bites in him.


Haha. Toddler humor.


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2 Responses to “Mommy Meme Monday: Funniest Toddler Memes”

  1. [...] found the following toddler’s rules on, but they could just aswell stand for the rules of a BIG corporation(which is actually anything but [...]

  2. Haha! Kids will always be kids! They can be very naughty but I must admit that most of the time, they make me laugh in their own little ways.

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