Pine Cone Splatter Art

After collecting pine cones, use them to create Pine Cone Splatter Art. This Fall activity will get kids moving and creating art with nature.

I am excited to share the latest in the Fall into Sensory PLAY series I am doing with Crystal from Growing a Jeweled Rose! We have been sharing fun ideas for Fall themed sensory play. Last week I shared Scented Shaving Cream Pumpkin Pie and Apple Bowling Art which Crystal made a Pumpkin Slime Play Recipe and Apple Volcanoes and Eruptions. Today we are each sharing some fun Fall ideas using pine cones and paint. We collected some pine cones, tied them to string and made some Pine Cone Splatter Art while they did some gorgeous Pine Cone Pour Painting over at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

You will need:

  • Red paint
  • Orange paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Brown paint
  • Paint cups (4)
  • Easel Paper
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Pine cones

We collected some pine cones while outside recently. This time of year our neighborhood yields a crop of pine cones.To create Pine Cone Splatter Art you will need fill up four cups with some Fall colored paint. We used red, orange, yellow and brown paint which I thinned out with some water so it would drip easier. You want the paint to be thinner but not runny.

Pine cone drip art

Set up your easel paper on the ground. I set up two pieces side by side so we would have a larger area to paint it. When you are swinging pine cones you want to be sure to have a large space to work with.

Tie a length of string to the end of a pine cone. You will want the string to be  long enough so your child can hold it close to the paper without actually touching the paper.

Dip the end of the pine cone into a cup of paint.
Fall work with pine cones

Have your child pull the pine cone out of the paint cup and swing it by the string over the easel paper.
Swing art using pine cones, paint and string

As they swing the pine cone around, paint will drip and splatter all over the paper.

Fall activity

Since some mess is bound to occur you will want to wear swimsuits or play clothes before doing this activity.

After collecting pine cones, use them to create Pine Cone Splatter Art. This Fall activity will get kids moving and creating art with nature.

We had so much fun with this Fall art activity. The kids loved swinging the pine cones around and seeing where the paint would land on the paper.

Fall art

When we were done painting, our paper looked like this.
Splatter art

We did get some splatter on the ground, but it easily washed away with a hose and a broom. This is a great Fall activity to do after a hike, trip to a park or other outing where you discover some pine cones.
Kids art activity

Head on over to Growing a Jeweled Rose and see how they made this GORGEOUS Pine Cone Pour Painting.

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