Small Wins: Every Day I’m Jufflin

You know, sung like this…

Tuesday: B got home from his bike shop job at 8:30 and I had just put Sprocket to bed, fed Spark, and changed into running clothes. Normie had the idea to earn a reward for the small wins, you know, to condition yourself to make good habits. So, to celebrate my first-post-chubby-baby-birthing run, I got these flashy little thangs.

Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I put on my new blue bolts (I gotta get fast to be able to pull these off…but it was this or pink) and my dorky reflective vest (B made me wear it!) and headed out for my second run. I felt a little better while running and tried to push just a little more. When I felt like I needed to walk, I tried to keep running about a half a block more. I was still doing something between jogging and shuffling (juffling), but at least I tried to go longer before walking. Not sure how far I went, but I was gone a bit longer and felt pretty good.

Thursday: I fed Spark, pumped, wrastled the girls into two sports bras, rounded up the toddler, convinced him to share the Chariot with the baby, threw in a toy and a bag of snack mix, and headed out for a run. I thought since I was pushing a combined weight of 40 lbs of Smither’s offspring that the run would be harder. However, I found that having the stroller helped keep me from slouching. I also found that I felt much stronger…I definitely felt improvement! Win!

Mountains and da Baby Buggy
A Trailer Full of Little People

Again, not sure how far I ran, but definitely managed longer stretches of running before needing a break and I think my total distance was longer. We stopped at the park on the way back to get a bit of energy out of the short one and Spark woke up hun-gah-ree. So, I donned my hooter hider and offered her a nice, sweaty ta-ta. She didn’t mind.

Go-Go Gadget Hooter Hider!

Sunday: B was home all day, so I took Spark on a run in the stroller and then met him and Sprocket at the park. I did the same route that I did on Thursday, but ran THE WHOLE way. It was about 30 minutes…not anything ground-breaking, but HUGE for me given it was the 1 month anniversary of giving birth.

Sleepy Squishy Baby on the Run

I am hoping that I can keep this running thing going! My goal for this week is to run at least 2 more times and increase my distance slightly. Of course, I eventually want to graduate from juffling, but I am hoping that will come as I build my endurance.

Shake and Win.

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