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Sugar Cone Snack

Do your kids come home from school hungry and you struggle to give them a healthy, yummy snack? I know when I was younger my mom did. She would end up having us eat Doritos or Cheetos and that was it. We never really grew up eating very healthy snacks. It’€™s only as I’ve gotten older that I’ve started eating healthier. I sometimes struggle to find a balance of healthy, satisfying and sweet.

Filled Sugar Cone Snack€. yummo!
eMeals has come up with a great after school treat, Filled Sugar Cones. Fill sugar cones with chopped apple, raisins, and mini marshmallows for a fun and easy after school snack! Another great thing about this super easy snack, is even adults would LOVE this. You can even do this with a waffle bowl instead of a cone if you wanted to!

As a bonus I’ve included a Back-to-School-Survival-Kit FREE  from eMeals to help you with your lunches for your children. It includes a back to school checklist, lunch notes, and a free week lunch plan with shopping list. Also, if you want to sign up for eMeals, use the discount code SCHOOL15 for a 15% discount on your order.


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  1. avatar Shannon says:

    This is so cool. No doubt kids would love this and the health benefits aren’t compromised either. Checked out and bookmarked The recipes and the menu is awesome. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

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