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I’ve Made A Terrible Mistake……

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by by

When my oldest was born I was all like….”Yeah yeah yeah…..I got this. I won’t talk to her like she’s a baby, I won’t homeschool her. I won’t spoil her. I won’t blah blah blah…”. Then Lex was born and I was  all like “OH MY GOD HE IS NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE!!!!” See what getting old does to you? It makes you weak! Just terrible. For four years my son was always with me. We did everything together, the park, Chuck-E-Cheese, shopping….everything! He was never away from me. And he was very shy. His Dad and I thought that putting him in preschool would help him come out of his shell. It didn’t. Then came Kindergarten and we were so sure that this would be the year he really shined and showed everyone the brilliant child we saw at home every day. It wasn’t. First grade……I won’t even talk about first grade. It was so bad that I actually contemplated homeschooling him. That is actually what I really wanted to do. I wanted to keep him home, safe, with me. Forever. But I didn’t. We were moving to a new town and I thought “One more year. Let’s give this school a chance. Maybe it isn’t him.” and here we are, second grade, a new school and a new teacher. And things are still the same. BUT, his teacher isn’t like the others. She has taken the time to actually look deeper, and she has seen what we see every day. She just can’t get him to to show it. And do you know why??? Because of me. Me and my “OMG HE IS NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE!!!” I have bottled my son up (more…)


A Planking Spanking

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by by

When Normie challenged me to the 30 Day Plank Challenge…I thought it would be easy. B and I religiously planked for about 5 days, then forgot a day, then caught up, then forgot three days, then gave up. Pathetic.

Then, B’s dad, Mr. Smitty, came to town and mentioned that he had also started…and finished…the planking challenge. (more…)

My Wishes For You In 2014

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 by by

This New Year, I wish for you:
A fresh start
Hard work
Mandarin oranges
A new song you like so much, you learn all the words
Salt air
Rainy streets
A book that makes you forget your bedtime
Eye contact with a baby
Birds flying in a V
Coins left in your pocket at the end of the day
A secret
Soft socks
A run at full speed
Dog noses
Dark chocolate and good coffee (or tea, if that’s how you do)
Library voices
Train whistles
The smell of fires in fireplaces
Clouds that resemble running horses
Cool sheets
An inside joke
And a hug that takes your breath away.
Happy New Year.

Easy Fluffy Eggs

Friday, December 20th, 2013 by by
I saw this on TV and decided to do a test of what works better. Regular fork beaten eggs, or ones that you put in a drink shaker.  Must be the Master’s program that I started since I am now questioning everything and researching it. {oh, yeah.. I started a Masters in Education program called the Detroit Teacher Project though UM}

I took a martini shaker and shook for exactly 60 seconds.  Then I did the fork beater for 60 seconds.  I cooked both and here is the outcome.  You can see even that the shaker eggs are double the thickness.  I really don’t like paper thin eggs personally and Mini Bear LOVES eggs for breakfast.
martini shaker eggs vs regular made
Ok, so you’re saying “I can do the same in a blender.” The thing about the blender is that you have to take it out and then take apart to clean.

martini shaker in the dishwasher

Dear Santa

Friday, December 20th, 2013 by by

Dear Santa
Minecraft Steve
Steve Diamond Edition
And Surprises

Hopefully Santa will know what all that stuff is because I really don’t.

Carol Confusion

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by by

“Mom, who’s Timmy?”

“I’m not sure who you mean.”

“In that Christmas song. It goes, ‘Timmy’s having a wonderful Christmastime.’”

“No, they’re saying ‘Simply having a wonderful Christmastime.’”

“Oh. Okay… So who’s Timmy then?”

7 Wreath Crafts for Kids

Thursday, December 19th, 2013 by by



Big Girl Pants: Life is Sweet…and Salty…and Full of Coke

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 by by

I have been stuck in this weird twilight zone between maternity leave and going back to work. My sub has been pretty overwhelmed, so I went back for a total of 3 days to teach the Science Fair to my lovely 8th graders.

So, that means grading, lesson planning, and parent emails — without actually going back full time. Trying to juggle all that with a baby and a toddler is quite difficult. Due to some annoying daycare ultimatums, we had to enroll Sprocket in daycare earlier than planned to save his spot. So, even though it sucks to pay full time rates, it is nice to have a few days a week to get some work done.

Part of going back has meant tackling the fact that I have pretty much no pants and few shirts that actually fit. I have been rotating between yoga pants, a pair of 6-year-old Nike workout pants, and a pair of “early maternity” khakis (I wore them between 16 and 30 weeks before they got too tight). I have two pairs of jeans that I can squeeze into, but they are far from comfortable and give me severe muffin top, which I can only disguise with a few loose shirts that I own. None of these items are really appropriate to wear to school.

So, this past Tuesday, I headed to Wal-Mart to buy myself some big girl pants. (more…)

Candy Cane Bark

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 by by

Candy Cane Bark - this bark uses cherry flavored candy canes instead of peppermint
Peppermint bark is everywhere this time of year, and no wonder, it’s easy to make and tastes great. However, many kids aren’t that fond of the taste of peppermint. One of my kids in particular will not eat anything with a minty flavor. I was looking for an alternative to Peppermint Bark and found some cherry flavored candy canes. They were not only colorful, but they had a sweet cherry flavor that my kids loved. I decided to make Candy Cane Bark for my daughter to enjoy. It’s great to serve at a party or package up in a tin for gift giving along with some Candied Pecans. (more…)

Seasonal Humor

Monday, December 16th, 2013 by by

They call it “dreidel.” I call it “gambling.”
“Mom, hey Mom. I have a holiday joke.”
“Lay it on me.”
“What do snowmen eat for breakfast?”
“I don’t know, what?”
“Ice Crispies. Get it? It sounds like rice.”
“And the snowman is made of snow and he might eat ice.”
“Good one, Mom. That’s like an extra joke in there.”