Big Girl Pants: Life is Sweet…and Salty…and Full of Coke

I have been stuck in this weird twilight zone between maternity leave and going back to work. My sub has been pretty overwhelmed, so I went back for a total of 3 days to teach the Science Fair to my lovely 8th graders.

So, that means grading, lesson planning, and parent emails — without actually going back full time. Trying to juggle all that with a baby and a toddler is quite difficult. Due to some annoying daycare ultimatums, we had to enroll Sprocket in daycare earlier than planned to save his spot. So, even though it sucks to pay full time rates, it is nice to have a few days a week to get some work done.

Part of going back has meant tackling the fact that I have pretty much no pants and few shirts that actually fit. I have been rotating between yoga pants, a pair of 6-year-old Nike workout pants, and a pair of “early maternity” khakis (I wore them between 16 and 30 weeks before they got too tight). I have two pairs of jeans that I can squeeze into, but they are far from comfortable and give me severe muffin top, which I can only disguise with a few loose shirts that I own. None of these items are really appropriate to wear to school.

So, this past Tuesday, I headed to Wal-Mart to buy myself some big girl pants. It was a pretty humbling experience. I was back in my regular jeans by about 4 weeks with Sprocket…so being 9 weeks post partum and still not fitting in my pants was sad. Also, shopping for pants at Wal-Mart (I refuse to invest much money in what I want to consider a temporary size shift) was quite sad.

It was even more sad when I started trying on pants and realized the ones that actually fit boasted tags and stickers that said things like “Now Featuring a No Roll Waist Band” or “Slightly Stretchy for Maximum Comfort.”


I think once I go back to school full time in 3 weeks (!) that the extra movement and decrease in snacking down time will help me lose a bit. However, I have to get this under control. I am still floating at 190 lbs, which is where I was about a week after having Squishy Baby. My body has definitely slimmed down since then (thighs are smaller and belly is slightly less squishy) but the scale hasn’t budged.

I blame my weight problems on Sweet and Salty Bars and Coke. Seriously, I think I consume about 600 calories in peanut-buttery-chocolatey goodness and sugarized caffeine.

So, I guess I should make a plan? Create a workout schedule? Document my eating? Get my ass off the couch?

I mean, if Fatty can ride 423 miles while simultaneously being an amazing husband — then I think I can lose 15 lbs.


Oh…and here is some Spark and Sprocket cuteness.

Squishy and Wide-Eyed
When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

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