Putting the Run Back in See Teacher Run

It has been a while. A long while. The problem with having a blog, is that it documents everything — even how long it has been since I ran. The last post I wrote about running was December 8th. DECEMBER 8TH!

I am not quite ready to run yet, but I am ready to begin planning my return to running. But I want to talk about 3 things: The Numbers, The Motivation, The Goal.

The Numbers
I am going to be completely honest with numbers, which is hard. I started Sprocket’s pregnancy at 166 pounds and I was in the middle of the RAGBRAI Royalty Challenge. I started Spark’s pregnancy at 174. Research shows that because I didn’t keep those 8 pounds off between pregnancies, I will have a lot of trouble getting those pounds off. So, my aim is to get down to at least 174, with a long term goal of 165.

At my last preggo appointment, I weighed 217.5 pounds. Gaining 43.5 pounds was definitely not the plan, but it happened and I need to accept it.

One Day After Popping Spark Out
Two Weeks and 1 Day After Popping Spark Out. A little less pudge. A little less showered.

The good news is that I am already down to 192.5 and the even better news is that so far I haven’t put a ton of effort into losing weight, which means that I should be able to lose even more if I put some work into it. I have been walking at least a mile every day-ish, but I have also been drinking a lot of Coke. My Diet Coke love affair is over — it tastes gross to me now, and has been replaced by the high calorie Diesel version of the beverage. Bottom line: A little bit of effort could go a long way in the weight department.

The Motivation
Every year that B and I ride across Iowa on RAGBRAI, I feel out of shape and undertrained. Because of this, I am usually very tired and reluctant to overextend myself in the hanging out/brews department. This means that I am the No Person. I am the limiter. The person that says no when others want to say yes. Normie and B made this discovery this year when they were over-brewed and over-yessed. They quickly pointed out that it was a good thing that I was the No Person. Apparently, Team Beaver needs a No Person…otherwise things become a s@$t show.

Well, my motivation to put the Run back in See Teacher Run is that I want to be the Maybe Person.

Oh, Jim Carrey, How I Love Thee.

I think by nature, I am often the No Person on RAGBRAI and no amount of training will change me to a Yes Person. BUT, maybe, just maybe, I can become a Maybe Person. Someone that makes the choice based on choice…not based on simply not being able to physically pull it off. If I don’t want to go downtown, I want it to be because I don’t want to go…not because I am worried about getting through the 80 mile day on the bike the next day. Make Sense?

So, the first step to getting in Maybe Shape by next July is to get running and losing weight now. The second step is to come to terms with the idea of leaving my Baby Girl for a whole week. I got almost a year, right?

The Goal
A 5K. Yes…my big goal for now is to run an entire 5K. I am planning on doing the same Thanksgiving Day 5K that I did a couple years ago. Two years ago I rocked it and ran it really fast. This year, I want to finish having run the whole thing.

The Big Goal?
The Copper Triangle in August. Oy.

But I Gotta Wait…
Some say to wait until 6 weeks post-partum, but there is a lot of research out there that says you should go by when you feel ready and just be prepared to listen to your body. I am not quite ready yet, but I am excited by the prospect of getting back into shape…and I know that its going to be a long road.

Edited to Add: A couple days after I wrote this post (but before I had published it), the movie “Yes Man” was on TV. Also, one of the main characters is named Norman. Coincidence? I think not.

Game on.

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