A Straw Poll

One of the things I tend to struggle with is drinking enough water during the day. And when nursing and providing anywhere from 21-28 oz a day for bottles at daycare for Squishy Baby, drinking water is really important.

I found that I would fill up my Nalgene water bottle at the beginning of the day, carry it with me everywhere, and barely drink half a Liter.

Then, I read some anecdotal evidence that drinking out of a cup with a straw increases your daily water intake. So, I took the only cup we had with a straw to school. The problem was that the only cup we had happened to be the freebie I got from the hospital when I had Spark. It had pictures of babies on the side and my 8th graders made fun of me and told me it was creepy.

Babies or not…I drank a TON more with a cup with a straw. I told myself that if it really worked for 4 days, then I would buy a less creepy cup.

Over a month later, and it is still working! I drink at least 4 of these bad boys each day, which is about 2 Liters of water. I find that I tend to sip way more often and it really adds up.

Wal-Mart Special. $3.96

I usually keep it at school, because, you know, The Dictator. I have a no-share policy when it comes to cups and water bottles. I mean, nobody wants chunks of crackers in their liquids.

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