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BrookeLeibermanBrooke is a mother, wife, designer, entrepreneur behind <a href="" target="_blank">Baby Bear Hugs</a>. She is an alumni of The University of Michigan <strong>{GO BLUE}</strong> and holds a BFA in Art & Design.  Teaching and creating art (by Re-Using materials and recycling) is really important to her as well as the cornerstone of her new Upcycled clothing line.  <br /> <br /> Before becoming a mom, as an artist/Jeweler she coordinated the manufacturing for a large eco-friendly online jewelry retailer at Casting House in Chicago and worked as a bench Jewelry for the award winning designer Eve J. Alfille in Evanston.  She also has been teaching in informal education for 7 years. <br /> <br /> Connect with her on <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> and read about her life and crafting adventures her on the blog.

Raising a Bilingual Child~Hebrew Speaking Toys

raising bilingual children I found this amazing store that has toys, books, games and DVDs in Hebrew that ships to the US. It is really expensive for my inlaws to send toys and books and I have been trying to find a store like this since Baby Bear was little. We got this really cool…

Unicorn Food, Mermaid munchies and all things Princess

Baby Bear has been really crazy with her eating habits.  One would think that when you get an endless supply of “kid food” at camp that Baby Bear would eat so well.  Not so for this picky eater. You might remember this angelic face from last year that would eat about anything! But lately food…

Raising Confident Children

I want to raise strong confident girls. I take the simple things that Baby Bear does and make them meaningful and special. The is a prolific artist. That does not mean that I take everything that she makes and plaster the house with it. I do put up some of the artwork on her magnet…

Activities with Toddlers~Smelling Spices

Baby Bear and I taught Mini how to smell spices. Things you will need: Spices of all different types for your child to smell Be sure to demonstrate what you want your toddler to do. Be very obvious that you are smelling and coach them to use their nose and sniff. Mini didn’t understand what…

Mixed Feeling about a Toddler

I was so excited that Mini started walking. I worried for months that she wasn’t walking and all of the other kids her age were. Was there an issue with her hips or her legs that she couldn’t walk unassisted? I thought about over and over. Let me preface this by saying that I love…

Madeliene’s Brocco Rice-Passover Dish

I tried this really easy recipe to get my kids to eat more veggies. I saw the recipe on Madeliene’s blog and decided to try it. You use either broccoli rice or cauliflower rice for this alternative to rice and it would be a great addition to any table that doesn’t want to eat any…

BEST Gluten Free Passover Cake!

This cake is incredible. I took a recipe that had that included baking soda and baking powder and modified it for Passover. The frosting is INCREDIBLE. I would use this for any recipe. It is so easy and much healthier than buttercream frosting plus no added sugar and it tastes rich and creamy.

Proving the Pythagorean Theorem for KIDS

Math Nerds and People who think they hate math unite! This is really cool and helps me to understand something so abstract as A2+B2=C2. An it is also something that is simple enough for young children to understand and do by solving puzzles.  Plus by teaching you, I am helping to learn it better myself!

Making Puppets in Preschool!!

I volunteered to come to Baby Bear’s class and do some crafting.  Baby Bear wanted to make puppets, so we did a little puppet show with some sock puppets and the kids got to make a puppet to take home.