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Hey, Y'all I'm Karith, a Texas-raised bi-coastal transplant and I am on way to becoming a first-time mommy. I am also a 30-something professional stand-up comedian, author and speaker who resides in both NYC and LA. I performs on each coast and many of the states in between. I recently got married and even more recently found out that we were pregnant. Yes, it’s a “Honeymoon Baby”! So, now, because of my occupation I have to have fun, make fun, and laugh my way through this major event in my life. I want all of you who can relate to have a laugh too and if all goes well- something pretty fantastic- aside from my first child will come out of this. You can read more about my adventure on www.diaryofapregnantcomedian.com and learn more about me and my comedy on www.karith.com.

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May 19th, 2014

Dear God…A Mommy’s Prayer

Dear God,

I know that for years- even when I was a little girl I prayed for the day I would become a mother.

You heard me and in Your infinite wisdom You knew it was something that I would NOT have been ready for in my 20′s. Read the rest of this entry »


January 31st, 2014

Do Ugly Babies Exist?

Now some of y’all are going to have some issues with this post, but I’m not here to people please, (well, not entirely.) I’m here to tell it like it is and to tell the truth- and hopefully give you a chuckle. As a mother of an almost toddler with a new one on the way I am smack dab in the middle of the baby storm. Part of this “Babynado”, if you will, includes the much heated debate on whether or not babies can or can’t be ugly?

I hope this blog entry clears it up. The answer y’all is YES! A resounding YES. I know, I know I’m supposed to say all babies are gifts from God and they are beautiful. I DO believe that ALL babies are gifts from God, but they are not all asthetically pleasing to the eye. Am I lying?! Read the rest of this entry »

January 16th, 2014

The Gospel According to Karith: What I Would Tell My Pre-Pregnant Self

While being a mother has truly been the most awesome thing I have ever done in terms of love, time, energy and effort there are things I wish I would have known/done before I became one.

I’m not mad, but feel like my friends who did this before me should have done a better job of warning me. Maybe they did, but like most impending moms I was just too excited/ scared/ nervous to listen, and my friends just did their due diligence by reassuring me that it was all going to be okay. And that’s what good friends are supposed to do.

I do vaguely remember a few friends and my mother saying something like, “You’re going to be so tired after the new baby gets here, that you need to sleep when the baby sleeps.” Which is all great in theory Read the rest of this entry »

January 6th, 2014

New Year, New Baby!

‘Cause why the heck not?! Some people plan their kids so they’re spaced out evenly over every couple of years.

Those people have the luxury of time. So if you can do that- more power to ya! Just for the record, I planned this baby too. I planned for it not to be still inside of me in the sweltering summer heat. Read the rest of this entry »


September 24th, 2013

A Whale Of A Time

I think it’s safe to say that a good portion of Americans use the word AWESOME- constantly. That word may have become mainstream in the 80′s but unlike big hair, pop rocks and A Flock of Seagulls it has remained. (To be honest I think I only miss Pop Rocks).

No question, “awesome” is WAY overused and let’s be honest, rarely are the things that we call “awesome” truly inspire awe. Well, since I’ve began my journey as a mommy. I have experienced three things that are truly AWESOME. Read the rest of this entry »

August 13th, 2013

Let’s Talk about SEX (after) Baby!!! Let’s Talk about You and Me!

Hah! Now that I’ve got your attention and put that Salt n’ Pepa earworm in your head I can share with you a little something that most new parents are dealing with.

SEX. Well, rather the lack there of.

Not for lack of wanting it, but for lack of opportunity. Why?! Because of this new little amazing person who ironically got here because you enjoyed sex in the first place. *Hopefully- you enjoyed it. Let’s be honest there are times when you’re trying to make that baby that it’s just a “let’s get the job done, Honey” scenario. #beentheredonethat

Oh and my husband CJ and I no longer call it “having sex” or “making love.” Forget about “getting it on” or even “doing the deed”.

Now that we are parents we call it Read the rest of this entry »

July 25th, 2013

It’s a Miracle #2: Basil Oil Cured My Breastfeeding Blues

For all the mommies who have struggled or ARE struggling with breastfeeding and producing enough milk this post is for you!

My actual bottle- well my third one really.

Yes, THIS Basil Essential Oil cured my Breastfeeding Blues by helping me double my milk supply. I know this may sound hard to believe, and if it wasn’t something I have experienced personally I’d still have an eyebrow raised like I was doing a Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” impression. Read the rest of this entry »


July 18th, 2013

The Chiuhuahua vs. The Child

I knew that this day would come- rather I hoped it would come. Although I must admit I had mixed emotions about the day my REAL baby would take precedence over my dog baby. I didn’t fully believe it was going to happen. I mean for almost four years this Chihuahua was my life.

Read the rest of this entry »

June 27th, 2013

For Shizzle My Bizzle

You’ve heard of “party poopers” well in the beginning we were “poop party-ers.” See, you never fully appreciate the act until you’re the parent of a newborn and knowing that your baby is #1 at number two means you are at least doing part of the job right. Because what they leave in that little diaper means they’re getting all of nutrients and sustenance they need to grow into a mischievous toddler and eventually obnoxious teenager.

The first time “it happened” it was like “So You Think You Can Dance” in the nursery. Seriously, we busted into a two-person flashmob – the dog even took a break from updating her Facebook and joined in because we were so excited she thought we were praising her for something. Read the rest of this entry »

June 7th, 2013

iPotty??? Ummm, How About iCan’t.

So this being a new mommy is wild stuff. I’m doing things I had no idea I was capable of like exercising unconditional patience during teething & sleep-fighting tantrums. I’m pulling out all the stops to breastfeed (See The Best Damn Lactation Cookies You’ll Ever Eat.)

I’ve also now been relegated from watching popular adult shows like Breaking Bad on Netflix to Sesame Street and Yo Gabba Gabba.
I think it’s safe to say life for me has changed pretty drastically. And as much as I miss my old wake up time of 10am- I am acclimating to 6:30/7:30am. Read the rest of this entry »