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ommilayI feel like I have had a unique and cool life so far. I taught in Russia, graduated from college, spent time in Paris during tourist attacks, hiked in the Amazon and lived in Japan. Though I have done and accomplished a lot, being a married with a baby is far more important and fulfilling than everything else I have ever done. Did those things prepare me to be a mom? I believe so. But, still, if I had to choose between my crazy fun life before baby and my life now? Not even a choice. Being a wife and a mother is easily that best thing I have ever done.

Wall Art

Here’s an easy one- go to a thrift store, buy some picture frames, then paint them to match your decor. Next, hand those frames, empty and without glass. Next time your child creates a masterpiece, you can temporarily ‘frame’ it by simply sticking it to the wall with a piece of tape. It’s an exciting…

Simple 4 Ingredient Strawberry Vinaigrette

This salad dressing is simple to make and light and fresh to the taste. Ingredients *1/4 cup soy sauce *1/3 cup rice vinegar *1 cup of sugar (less if you prefer) * 3/4 cup strawberries, sweetened All you have to do is throw all for ingredients into a blender, pulse it a few times, and…

Why/How I Don’t Scream at My Kids

We all want to live life without regret. We all, I think, have this wonderful, sunset picture of the end of our life, where we want to be able to look back on our actions and say, “Yeah, I rocked it up. Good life.” I want to die without major regrets. Sure, I’ll make stupid,…

DIY Wood Stain Using Food Coloring

My husband is the king of the ‘Honey Do’ list. Not only does he do everything on his ‘list’, he also proactively searches for projects. “Want me to mow the lawn? How’s the disposal? Do you need me to build anything today?” Very productive. So, when I asked him to build me a spice shelf…

DIY Frozen Pizza

My husband, for one reason or another, loves frozen pizzas. And not even fancy Freschetta or DiGorno pizzas, but like the crap, made-from-cardboard, less-than-a-dollar ones. They are made from about a million ingredients and have basically zero nutritional value. (I was  curious and actually counted- it had a total of 119 ingredients) Anything that has…

Avocado Salsa Salad- Fresh AND Refreshing

I love avocado season, when the prices drop from 1.09 and up to…. 3 or 4 for 1.00! I always buy a dozen or so and go on kind of an avocado binge- I make guacamole, put it in my DIY Sushi– and, perhaps most frequently, this avocado salsa salad. I call it a salsa salad, because I…

DIY Christmas Wreath- Under .99!

I must say, I was incredibly pleased with how this turned out. All I knew when I started out was that I wanted to make a wreath for my door- and look at what I ended up with! I used greens and a few small red shapes in order to make a modern mock-holly wreath….

5 Differences between a Good Mom and a Great Mom

I cannot profess to be a perfect mother. I strive, daily (sometimes hourly) to improve myself and be the best mama I can be, but I know that I have yet to learn all the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a fabulous mother. I am grateful that it takes years for my children…

DIY Kool Aid Foot Soak

And, yes, this is my hubby enjoying his spa experience Ready to relax from a hard day’s work? Or maybe you just feel like you deserve some extra pampering? Here is an easy solution- a warm, relaxing foot soak. What do you need? Materials * 1 gallon of warm water * 1 large bowl *…