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Lisa Rae Page Rosenberg is a survivor of 16 years in the television business. She worked, by turns, as a writer, director, producer, casting associate, and the gal who gets everybody’s Starbucks order. Later, she spent time as a counselor at an outpatient program for adorable teens with un-adorable psych and addiction issues. Working in the orbit of actors, rock stars, comedians, and teenagers prepared her for a current gig as the stay-at-home mother of a pre-schooler named Bob. Lisa writes a family humor blog called Smacksy and on occasion, enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

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July 16th, 2014

School’s Out

“Mom? Why do we have to go back to the doctor?” “Because our coughs aren’t going away and we need to make sure it hasn’t become something more serious.” “Okay, but it better be fast. Because today, you know what time it is, right?” “What time?” “Summertime!”


June 26th, 2014

Say Aah


“Yes, Sir.”

“Since they said we don’t have strep throat or anything, maybe they should call it Not-So-Urgent Care?”

June 11th, 2014

My Ladies And A Book

This is a photo of me, my mom, and her mom, my Gram Melva. We took this photo on a Mother’s Day weekend trip to Cambria in 1996. If you’ve had the opportunity to read my piece in the Moms Are Nuts humor anthology, then you are already quite familiar with my Gram Melva. If you have not read the Moms Are Nuts book yet, stop with the waiting. Leave a comment below and I will choose one of you guys at random and send you a free book. I will post the winner on Saturday.

May 27th, 2014


Adam and Eve
Needlepoint, Ruth Rosenberg, circa 1970s
“Mom, who’s your very best friend?”
“I’m lucky. I have Dad, and Aunt Jen, and Auntie Karen…”
“My best friend is God.”


May 19th, 2014

Every Night We Go Over The Plan

“Mom? Time for the plan for tomorrow, please. Number one.”

“First we get up.”

“Number two.”

“Then we do morning things.”

“Number three.”

“I take you to school.”

“Number four.”

“You’ll do school and I’ll see you there for a little while because I’m volunteering for reading groups tomorrow.”

“Cool. Number five.”

“I’ll pick you up from school.”

“Number six.”

“We’ll come home and then I don’t know what the plan is until dinner.”

“Number seven.”

“We’ll have dinner.”

“Number eight.”

“Take a bath and get ready for bed.”

“Number nine.”

“Stories, prayers, and bedtime.”

“And then we make a new plan.”

“Correct. How’s that all sound?”

“It’s okay, I guess, but the plan kind of falls apart around number six. We should work on that in the morning.”

May 15th, 2014

Home Again

I’m back from a long weekend away by myself at a blogging conference. By that I mean, I wasn’t alone, just not with my family. I got to see, squeeze, talk, cry and laugh with, a lot of people who I love so dearly, talk to daily, yet only get to see once or twice a year. I got to create connections with new people.

I got to meet, in person, two women who I adore, that I have been online friends with since I first started showing up here, and spend a day with them. Everything fell immediately into the easy cadence and rhythm of old friends even though it was our first time laying eyes on eyes each other.

I have been asked many times what happens at a blogging conference. I might answer that there are informative sessions pertaining to the blog world, nice dinners with large groups of women, and an exchange of ideas between likeminded people. This is all true, I suppose, but it doesn’t get to the heart of these trips for me. The trips are like family reunions with a family that you’ve hand picked because they “get” you and you lovingly “get” them.

I return filled up. Filled up with love and friendship and a renewed longing and enthusiasm for my guys and life at home.  And a little jetlag.

May 3rd, 2014

Physics and Fro-yo

“… so see Bob, the future is always later from now.”

“But Felix, what’s the difference between the future and five minutes away?”

“Five minutes away is the future.”

“But what about when the five minutes is finally here? It’s not the future.”

“Now isn’t the future but then later it is.”

“How much later?”

“I’m not sure.”


April 30th, 2014


“Dad, don’t rub Mom’s shoulders. You’re not a butler.”

“I ‘m a husband. How do you know what a butler is?”

“I know it’s like a servant.”

“I think you just like saying butler because it has “but” in it.”

“No I don’t… BUTT-ler. BUTT-ler. BUTT-ler… It is pretty good.

April 29th, 2014

Check Up

“Mom? What did the nurse call the pee again?”


“And that’s the same word as all pee?”


“And I go in the cup?”


“Because they just want to see if I can do it?”

April 28th, 2014

Here We Go Dodgers, Here We Go

“Mom, I saw a guy do a bunt at the game.”

“Is that right?’

“Yeah. I did a bunt this one time. It worked out pretty well.”