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I am a 30 something SAHM of 2. After living as Miss Independent, moving around the Southeast, I met and married my Mr. Right. We decided that we wanted to move out of the city and start our family and are blessed now with 2 very energetic and active boys, luckily with a lot of room for them to play. Troy is 4, Will is 18 months and they keep my B-U-S-Y, and on my toes! I have adult withdrawal during the day so I blog to "talk" about things my boys really could care less about--entertainment, fitness/weight loss, news, their moods, funny things they say, things they do that drive me know, the usuals

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September 23rd, 2011

Boys–Oh the Joys….

I do not have daughters, so I don’t know if it would be any different, but since I am a woman (although Will doesn’t think so – as he told me the other day when I dressed up, “Mommy, you look like a girl!!!” Either he’s very confused, or I just really don’t dress up enough. I am a Stay at home mom you know…), I can honestly say that I don’t think moms of girls have to go through this. I am sure I will be corrected by my mom, but well, I was a tomboy so that’s different.

* It’s something I have talked about many many times. Oh the GAS – they are constantly burping, tooting, FAKE burping or tooting, or simply talking about it. At any time: at the table, church, in school……AAUUGGHHHH!!! And nothing discourages it!
* They do.not.sit.still. EVER! And the more tired they get, the more they move. I remember my cousin who has 3 boys (she does have a girl now, but at the time it was all boys) saying that she used to watch all the little girls sitting nicely and playing or coloring while her boys climbed the walls and hung from the curtains. YES! I learned that this is soooooo true. My niece would sit and color or play quietly (well, she talks a lot, but she sits still) while Troy would be demolishing something, running, jumping…
* And to continue with the demolishing, how do people have handmedowns for clothes or toys for boys? How?!?!?! Nothing lasts, because the boys are always dirty and stained and treat everything as if it were a tool (hammers or axes normally). Everything is broken from being used to “fix” things.
* Lastly, why do all of the pictures turn out like this:

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September 9th, 2011

11 months into Healthier Living

It’s been around 11 months since I started my weight loss and overall healthier living – 11 LONG months of exercise, healthier eating, keeping a food diary, plateaus, successes, frustrations….and I can report that it was all worth it! I hit my goal weight this morning. My ultimate goal weight, not just my initial goal. Bye Bye 30 pounds of excess yuck! Of course, I could still lose 5-10 more pounds. I am not model thin. My body is very different since having children, but I am 30 lbs lighter, a size 6 exercising machine :) I feel better than I have in ages, and I swear I am in better shape cardiovascularly than I have EVER been, including my cross country days. I would love to get a physical and find out how I am doing with cholesterol and such, but thanks to insurance limitations, that will have to wait. I can pretty much tell you that my doctor would be very pleased. I must admit that my diet is still a problem, but I can safely say that I am nowhere near the 2500-3000+ calorie days, and that my bad days are 1800-2000 calories only. That is a huge change, and although I have lots of work to do on diet, I have come a very long way. I will never have the perfect “clean” diet, but the focus is on much healthier foods with the fun stuff thrown in rather than lots of fun stuff with a carrot here and there… Man, looking back I just don’t even know how I could ever eat that way!

Exercise has always come easy because I enjoy it and like being active, and that will continue as long as this body is able. We had a 4 mile Fun Run/Walk last weekend, and our oldest competitor was 90! That is going to be me ;) That’s my goal anyway!

September 1st, 2011

Lessons from Kindergarten

We are learning an awful lot from kindergarten – *we* being me and Will, not Troy. Sure, he’s learning quite a bit, but the lessons seem to be more for us than anything (me more than Will though).

1) I am a control freak. Yep. I had an idea I had issues, but until Troy started school, I had no idea how much of one. In Preschool, his teacher gave us a folder every day that had something in it – a great day sticker, homework, a letter, work from the day… I loved knowing what was going on. Kindergarten, not so much. I know it’s hard for 18-21 students, so I understand, but I feel so lost and frustrated not know how he’s doing. In his words, he’s behaving and doing everything right, but is he……..???

2) I had no idea that I needed to explain to throw away the trash from lunch. Didn’t realize that he would bring home leftover pudding UNCOVERED, banana peels, mandarin orange cups with juice still in it. His lunch bag has been used a total of 4 days and it’s disgusting.

3) I didn’t realize that I also needed to explain that as sweet as it is to want Will to be included, he needed to be told NOT to try to save popsicles for him. And here I was worrying more about letters, numbers, social skills…..

4) When parents told me to expect my child to be hungry after school, they did not tell me that he would act like he hadn’t eaten in weeks. Yesterday after school, he had 4 PB crackers, fruit snacks, raisins, and carrots, and BEGGED FOR MORE!

5) On the same note, yes, I was warned that he would be a little tired and grumpy, but I was not expecting that every day at 5pm, he would act like he was possessed.

6) Will has learned that he gets a lot of attention at pick up and really likes it, so let’s just say, he’s very good at getting it. (In other words, he’s LOUD!)

7) Will also has learned that he misses his big brother. He enjoys his time one on one, but he’s refusing to nap because I mentioned that after nap, we would go pick up Troy. Soooo, in toddler rationale, I won’t nap, so therefore, we pick Troy up now.

There are more, but since I must go deal with the child having a party in his room…..

August 26th, 2011

I Did Not Expect This

Well, it’s actually coming. I knew the day was approaching, but until today – Meet the Teacher Day – it hadn’t sunk in fully. I have been very excited for Troy to start school. I cannot wait to see what he learns, how he does, who he becomes friends with… I, of course, am a little nervous for him, because he’s had lots of anxiety in the past. He seems to be past this, but I just don’t know what to expect come Wednesday. Yes, I know he’ll be fine. Yes, I know there are other kids that may be scared or nervous and yes, I know kindergarten teachers expect this and know how to handle this. BUT, he’s my kid and I can be a freak about it if I want.

What I did not expect was to be the one not able to sleep, feeling anxious about it all and the littlest of details. I mean, really? I laid in bed last night worrying about if he’ll know how to deal with buying lunch (of course he will, yet I worried). I didn’t expect to be concerned about what happens if he doesn’t like the lunch. Should I pack him something just in case? I didn’t expect to be concerned about the pick up and drop off. Yes, this stuff, the littlest of details, is what is causing me anxiety and butterflies in MY stomach! Most parents say they are worried about the big things – will their child make friends, will they behave, will they learn and develop – and here I am worrying about lunch??? Yes, I will gladly admit that I am a total freak and didn’t expect this at all. However, when I texted the husband about being nervous, his reply was, “So business as usual, huh?” Maybe I should have expected it after all.


August 8th, 2011

Aren’t they good little helpers?

The boys love to help me around the house. Usually, it’s wiping down stuff with Lysol wipes, scrubbing the toilet (why they like this, I will never know), sweeping, or vacuuming. Quick disclaimer – as nice as it sounds, I still have to go behind and clean up the mess they leave behind with their helping. But whatever, they are trying. Today, they really wanted to help with laundry. They were a big help…

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July 14th, 2011

Year Round Schooling

Let me start by saying I adore my children. I love them more than anything, and I totally enjoy doing fun things with them. I don’t want anyone to think that I am saying I don’t want to be around them. However, I am starting to think that Year Round Schooling isn’t such a bad idea. Since Troy has been out of preschool, I have noticed a huge change in him. He torments and tortures Will, complains about being bored, refuses to listen, and challenges me every chance he gets. He has his very sweet moments and still can be a very kind and easy going child, but these are coming much less often. I wondered if it was the fact that Jay’s much busier at work, so he’s home less during the week, but after talking to my Mom about it, she mentioned that this is a typical summer. Kids get bored, they are thrown out of their routines, and just simply act out. Yep, that’s exactly what it seems like, so I try to do fun things, but we can’t do stuff everyday. I simply have to be home to get things done here, plus it’s stinkin’ expensive to entertain kids anymore. That’s a whole different post though, as I could go on for ages about the costs anymore! So basically, I am finding out if we stay at home, I am simply playing referee, and honestly, I am a little tired of it. Sure, I let the boys work out what they can, but there are MANY times I have to step in and put them each in their corners. Yep, year round schooling might be a fantabulous idea.

July 8th, 2011


I am sure mothers (and fathers) around the world hear this often during the summer: “I’m Bored! There’s Nothing To Do!”
Really??? Shall we take a look… The boys “garage” and “Fire Station” as well as bins of cars and random toys.

More trucks, helicopters, balls, books….

Games and art supplies, puzzles (and just junk).
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July 4th, 2011

On this Independence Day….

Please remember all of those who are currently in the service, who have served, and those who have lost their lives serving our country. The sacrifices that the military make for us are amazing and very much appreciated. It is so easy to get lost in the “fun” of the day that we forget why we take this day to celebrate. So be sure to thank a soldier today!

A special note to my brother in law-
I cannot say it enough that although this year has been so very tough on everyone. What you do for our country is amazing and makes all of us so proud. It’s amazing to see how your children look at you with awe in their eyes! I am even happier to say, WELCOME HOME!!!!

June 30th, 2011


This has been a very challenging few days – not for me personally, but tragedies affect me differently now that I am a parent, and I feel sick and heartbroken when people I barely know or have never even met are going through tough times. I am truly feeling at a loss this week because of 2 horrendous tragedies that have happened, both dealing with very young children. A 9 month old died from head trauma after a fall from a low height. It’s impossible to imagine what the parents went through immediately after as they try to understand what caused a very common incident with young children to become fatal. In the other, a young child around 3 drowned in a pool on a family vacation. I do not know the details, so I cannot share any more than that, but it is something I cannot stop thinking about.

I cannot stop picturing either accident in my head. I cannot stop feeling sick for these parents and the grief they are feeling. The other thing is that I cannot stop the anger. I have written about this before (see My Faith and Healing), and I honestly still struggle at times. I could feel it all bubbling again today when I woke up. I just started the day angry, short fused, no patience, everything bothered me and quite frankly, I was very grouchy. I just couldn’t stop it. In my heart, I knew that I should be grateful and so thankful for any and all time – good and bad – I get with my children and should enjoy every minute, but I was struggling. And it’s all because this is how I deal with sadness. I cry when I am alone, but when anyone else is around, I get angry – not at them, but because I feel so completely and utterly helpless. I can’t do a thing to help these people. I can’t change the situation. I can’t comfort them with just the right words. I just can’t do anything, and I hate it. I wish I could stop the anger. I wish that I could say that I fully trust God’s plan, and in a way I do, but I just don’t like it. I don’t understand it, and I would love to know why these things happen, but like I said in a previous blog, I *have* to believe that there’s a reason. I have to, because if I don’t, I am totally helpless. At least now I can do one thing, and that is pray for comfort and peace for the families that are devastated with grief right now.

Psalm 34:18
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit
Lamentations 3:31-33
For men are not cast off by the Lord forever. Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. For he does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.
Matthew 5:4
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

June 24th, 2011

What a week!

The boys are at Vacation Bible School all week, and I have been teaching the 3 and 4 year olds (and Will, who refused to stay with “Squeeze” – Ms. Louise, but for some reason he refuses to call her that). It has been exhausting, and I am learning probably just as much as they are.

* Troy is a totally different child this year, so I am feeling much more confident about him starting school. Will there be issues? Sure. But given the fact that there has been so much less anxiety for him this year, and being told by a few people how much of a leader he is, really helps ease my mind.
* Will is probably more ready for preschool than I give him credit for. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still not going this year, but I think he could handle it. He’s actually been a decent little “student.”
* I am NOT meant to teach young ages. I had a lot of respect for Preschool teachers before, but it’s even more so now. 3s and 4s are TOUGH! Or I am just really a bad teacher, which is very well possible. I taught high school for 5 years and would take a class of 20 freshman any day. LOL
* VBS is exhausting. My boys have been so beat. Troy went to bed at 6:45 the other night – and it was his idea. I was very much on board, but still, he sent himself to bed. Many of the other kids were definitely showing signs of the same.
* As much as I love the VBS music and cute songs, I should not be the one singing loudly… Let’s hope no one has me on video or audio. Luckily, people keep reminding me that God doesn’t mind (although everyone else around me probably does).
* Giving 3 year olds their own containers of bubbles…..not a great idea, or at least have lots of paper towels handy. (Luckily, we were outside.)
* Next year, if I am asked to teach again, I will bring LOTS more Playdough and study how to make really cool things with blocks, as this was much more entertaining than my reenactments of bible stories. Although, I really think I did a wonderful rendition of the Good Samaritan.
* As much as I struggled teaching the youngsters, I realized that I miss teaching and regret letting my certificate go :( I wonder how much it would cost to get my certification back, and I wonder if Jay will read this and wonder what I am thinking and knock sense into me?