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Activities with Toddlers~Smelling Spices

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 by by

skill building activities with toddlers-sense of smell

Baby Bear and I taught Mini how to smell spices.

different spices for baby bear hugs blog

Things you will need:

Spices of all different types for your child to smell

young girl smelling cinnamon spice

Be sure to demonstrate what you want your toddler to do. Be very obvious that you are smelling and coach them to use their nose and sniff.

baby eating spices

Mini didn’t understand what we wanted her to do at first, and kept trying to put it in her mouth. {but that is OK, let them safely explore}

By the end she was using her nose to sniff.

We could even hear her sniff. Now that she understands the concept, I asked her to smell other things like flowers and fruit. She knows what it means and how to do the action.


Excited and Scared! #ClothDiaper Potty Training Series #1

Monday, April 28th, 2014 by by

Yup we are ready and have been offering for the past month or so! Eeek! About three weeks ago we bought Annaleah a potty and she already knew what to do with it. She had been interested in the big toilet a few months ago, wanting to flush it and put paper in it. Three times I tried getting to sit on it, but she was still unsure as to why she would be sitting and quickly jumped up out of the seat.

So, one day at a time. She’s 20 months and we are both not in a rush to get her out of diapers. They (her and her potty) are just acquaintances! Summer time will probably be the best time for us to potty train her and she’ll probably be ready at that time. (more…)

Places I’ve Pumped #1

Monday, March 17th, 2014 by by

A few weeks ago, B and I took the kids back to Iowa to visit family. We don’t have any grandparents out here in CO, so we decided to take advantage of free babysitters while we were back.

We flew in on Friday and convinced Normie to go to an ISU basketball game with us the next day…and then got her to drive. In the snow. Heh.

Squishy Baby stayed with B’s mom and sister, and Zeb hung out with my parents. I had brought 2 bottles worth of milk on the flight, so we were good to be gone for a good chunk of time.

We had some brews at our old familiar bar, Welch Ave. Station, and then got a warm ride to the colliseum with two nice old guys, Bob and Tom. After halftime (once the beer was out of my system), I headed to the bathroom to pump. I had my battery pack with me and found a nice big stall. It was very clean and I was able to hang my bag near the door of the stall.

Not ideal, but I didn’t want to miss much of the game finding somewhere else.

Do Ugly Babies Exist?

Friday, January 31st, 2014 by by

Now some of y’all are going to have some issues with this post, but I’m not here to people please, (well, not entirely.) I’m here to tell it like it is and to tell the truth- and hopefully give you a chuckle. As a mother of an almost toddler with a new one on the way I am smack dab in the middle of the baby storm. Part of this “Babynado”, if you will, includes the much heated debate on whether or not babies can or can’t be ugly?

I hope this blog entry clears it up. The answer y’all is YES! A resounding YES. I know, I know I’m supposed to say all babies are gifts from God and they are beautiful. I DO believe that ALL babies are gifts from God, but they are not all asthetically pleasing to the eye. Am I lying?! (more…)


Baby Food!

Monday, January 27th, 2014 by by

I made my own baby food with Sprocket and wanted to do the same with Spark. I realized I never really documented any of it and wanted to put together a post that showed some of the process.

The underlying theme is the same regardless of the food…cut, steam/boil, puree.

$13.85 worth of produce


Keeping the Kids Busy while Cooking Dinner

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 by by

Mini wants to be held by me all the time if I am with her. I love it and hate it at the same time.  It is really hard to get things done, so when I have to cook dinner, I need to keep her busy in a place that she can see me.

I showed Mini where the pots where and gave her some fun things to bang on them with.  The things that I chose (more…)

Potty Training Success: Three Turds at the Brewery

Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by by

Potty Training is no joke. We had two ramp-ups to potty training that both ended in a crabby toddler and over-stressed parents.

Last spring break we did the whole “lets just hang out naked and wait for the potty bell to go off every 10 minutes” approach. Sprocket was very confused by the pee coming out of his body and after three days and, literally, hours on the potty, he still wasn’t getting it.

Oh, Elmo.
He would sit and read books on the potty for hours….

I decided that I didn’t want my spring break to be cooped up inside (more…)


Calming Bottles

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 by by

Calming bottles - these sensory bottles are great for little ones to explore and for preschoolers to use during a cooling off period.
What I love about these Calming Bottles is how simple they are to make. You can make them yourself in a few minutes or have a toddler/preschooler help with the process. For a younger child, these glitter bottles make a great sensory toy. Kids get enthralled watching the glitter swirl around. If your kids are a little older (mine are 5 and 3) the bottles can be used in conjunction with a time out or cooling off period. The child simply shakes the bottle up and watches all of the glitter fall to the bottom. This takes approximately 2 1/2 minutes to occur. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I got it at a recent MOPS meeting. After food and fellowship, my MOPS group made some Calming Bottles. When I brought home the one I made, my three kids argued over it which told me I was on to something.

First Negative Babywearing Experience

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 by by


Emeibaby Bunt SSC

I was at Safeway a while back getting groceries (I usually don’t shop there but I had a coupon and it was military monday) and had Rylie in my buckle carrier (Emeibaby Bunt). I use that carrier for grocery trips because Miss Rylie loves to lean in a regular wrap/sling and I feel more comfortable having her in an SSC while shopping. So anyways, about halfway through my shopping trip she falls asleep like she usually does and I go about my business getting the last of my groceries and head to the cashier. As I get up to the front this older lady (she was probably about 70-ish) yells “Oooooh can I see?!” to which I respond “Well she’s sleeping…” but I turn so she can get a look at her. The lady gets this horrified expression on her face and say “Oh the strap is cutting into her lip! She must be uncomfortable, here let me move it!” and tries touching the strap. I back up and tell her “It’s ok, it doesn’t need to be moved.” She then looks at me and says “Are you sure, I can help you move it…” and tries touching it again. I back up further and say “Really, it’s ok. She’s asleep and likes to suck on the strap.” She then gives me this really rude look and says “Well, ok. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable like that. Good luck to you.” and walks away.

I know that she was trying to be helpful, but don’t touch me or Rylie. I don’t know you, you don’t know me. My baby is perfectly fine and is literally passed out because she’s comfy. If she wasn’t comfy she would cry and let me know. It’s not ok for you to come up and get all up in my bubble. I haven’t had many people do that to me, but it seems like the older generations really wants to touch the baby for some reason. You would think the carrier would help prevent that touching, but oooooh no. Not with them. They will get up in your face, and babies face, and oooh and aaaah and try to touch the cheeks, etc. I need to put a sign on my carrier that says “DON’T TOUCH MY BABY”.

Baby Products I Love

Friday, October 11th, 2013 by by

I have been thinking lately about how when I was pregnant I wish I had someone tell me what they loved and used for their newborn/infant. There are some things I bought Rylie that we don’t even use (uhm, bassinet, crib!) and stuff that we use every day (rock and play, pack and play) so I figured I would give you a list of top 5 baby products I LOVE.


1. Pack and Play. We use ours as the downstairs changing table. I have a basket inside that holds the diapers and wipes. It’s a great system for us because we have two floors in our house, and if I’m downstairs I don’t want to walk upstairs just to change her. I also keep a spare onesie down here as well in case of blowouts (hey, they happen!).

2. Rock and Play. I didn’t buy this until she was 2 months old and I kicked myself for not getting it earlier. It’s a great place to sit her down in when I need to run to the bathroom really quick or if I need her to sit by herself for a few minutes so I can bring in groceries, etc. She’ll also occasionally take naps in it too which is helpful.

3. Sophie the Giraffe. I know, why all the hype over a chew toy that is SO EXPENSIVE? I dunno, but I do know she LOVES Sophie and loves to gnaw on her legs so I figure it’s money well spent. If you don’t want to spend the money on Sophie there are some less expensive choices out there at Target.

4. Baby Swing. Strategically placed in the bathroom no less. Why? Because I can get my shower in the morning if she’s in the swing in the bathroom. Plus when I need to get ready in the morning to go somewhere she can see me while I’m getting ready which usually keeps her pretty calm. One thing I will tell you I wish I would have known…make sure your swing plugs in!!!! I buy a ton of C batteries because we didn’t buy one that plugs in. Spend the extra money….trust me. As a side note, I have no idea what I’m going to do for showers once she outgrows the swing!

5. Sleep Genius Baby. Ok it’s not a physical baby product, it’s an app. It’s a GREAT app! It plays lullabies for nap times and continuously overnight. I’ve found it really helps Rylie calm down and go to sleep. They claim it can help baby sleep longer too but I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing that. LOL. It’s great as white noise and it only costs $4.99.

Are there any baby items that you couldn’t live without? Share it in the comments!